Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Liquid Lunch: Feedback

So we're up to episode 4. Two episodes to go. The series is slowly filtering out into the internet. A few die-hard fans have emerged (like, from all over the globez!) which has been very gratifying. The feedback has been positive so far but despite the die-hards, it's been pretty much from friends, family and/or from around the scribosphere.

So, I'm opening it out to you, dear reader, to let me know what you think. You can leave a comment here anonymously, and I won't even moderate. I can take negative criticism (most people are aware of the weaknesses in their own work) but if you feel you need to get particularly nasty or offensive, well, I might have to delete. ** UPDATE: NORMAL COMMENT MODERATION IN USE **

Episode 5 is on this Friday 17th June, the penultimate episode that turns up the heat on Ollie and Alex before the series finale gives them a massive decision to make. Which way will it go?? I hope you tune in to find out! Anyway, would love to hear your feedback on the show so far, so fire away! *gulp*

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Adaddinsane said...

I'm interested enough to want to keep watching :-)

Anonymous said...

Not LOL, but very likeable.

Anonymous said...

It's for boys! :(

Anonymous said...

Hey Danny - really sorry to hear that LL isn't doing as well as you all hoped. I've got my fingers crossed that it picks up for the next two instalments.

This is all just speculation, but I wonder whether LL has enough of a hook. Two guys sharing a pint over lunch is a great premise for a sitcom, but maybe not for a webisode. For me to watch something on the internet, it needs to be a bit different (possibly genre-based - like the Guild and Dr Horrible). Personally, I need to feel that I couldn't watch the same sort of thing on TV for me to tune in regularly.

Secondly, I also think that you're paddling in very difficult territory with the time. It's hard to engage with characters and story over a 2/3 minutes episode, but that's far too long for an effective sketch or gag-based video.

Finally, it'd be nice to see the characters do something other than just drink pints at the table. Now, I appreciate that you probably made an artistic decision that it should be filmed this way, but if there's no movement, it's very easy for your audience to turn away.

That's it from me. And I'm sorry if this is a bit negative - I hate to criticise anything when someone's actually made the effort and got something out there. After all, there's no point in anyone sitting at home writing scripts that are just going to sit on someone's hard drive! :)

Anonymous said...

It's well written, acted and directed! you definitely have a good grasp of how to make a web series. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure the cast are very good at "selling" some of the gags. They picked up towards the end where there's a little drama, but the performances at the start were a little flat.

But good luck!

Danny Stack said...

Thanks for the feedback, all! I'm very happy with how the series is going, didn't mean to give the opposite impression. All good!

Anonymous said...

It works well as gentle charachter comedy, and well done for getting it made! It just needs more laughs per square inch to make me a regular viewer.

Good luck with it all.

dom said...

I've been following for a while and was hugely excited to see LL. Its quality visually is great. Simple, which I think is best. With all respect to the actors- I mostly enjoy their performances except at times when they start to speak with some sort of excitement.. I get thrown off personally and feel like they are just reading the script and not saying the lines for the first time. Perhaps what I'm getting is not real emotions/expressions. But a great start for sure. Still a bit confused how I feel overall, yet I continue to watch and wait for more so that means something. Keep it up! Aloha from Hawai'i