Saturday, July 02, 2011

Liquid Lunch: Omnibus & Outtakes!

If you've missed any or all of Liquid Lunch, my six-part comedy web series, OMFG WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN LOLZ U R DEAD TO ME ETC.

Don't worry, I've got an instant fix. You can check out the entire series via this playlist that has all the episodes to choose from at your whim and fancy, including the epic finale! (totes running time 13mins, approx 2mins per ep)

There. All caught up? Good. I thank you. We can be friends again. Want more, you cheeky pup? Well, there's plenty of behind the scenes action on the website but here you can watch the heeeeellarious outtakes from the making of the show!

I feel a bit dirty now with all the shameless promotion (normal blogging will resume shortly) but here's the more useful bit of the post, for those interested in the process or thinking of doing something similar:

Writing & Casting
The Shoot
The Internet - Coming Soon!

Right, I'll shut up now. Bon, allez.


Anonymous said...

Hats off for getting this done, and for all the extras - it's really appreciated.

Having done this I'd be interested on whether you think this will become the way to go in terms of getting sitcoms/sketch shows off the ground - basically shooting your own pilot episode. As often comedy tends to rely on performance it seems to make sense.

Maybe something for a future podcast...?

Jon M, Harrogate

Danny Stack said...

Thanks, Jon! It might not be THE way to go in terms of getting sitcoms/sketches off the ground, but it certainly can't hurt! As you say, so much comedy is in performance so if you can *show* something rather than have it in script, then all the better.