Monday, December 12, 2011

Ben Wheatley, Kill List interview

More podcast-extras and interviews for you, this time in the shape of a half-hour chat with Ben Wheatley, writer and director of Kill List, the low-budget UK thriller that got everyone excited/horrified this year. He gives great value in the interview, full of passion and insight, worth checking out.

Here's a clip of Ben talking about film as a 'memory trick'.

We also refer to one of his self-made virals that got him a lot of attention. Here it is: 'cunning stunt' (you can follow Ben on Twitter here)

The interview (and more like it) is for Industrial Scripts' Insider Interview series, and you can download them here for free (email reg required). Previous interviews include Jack Thorne, actor Tom Hiddlestone, King's Speech producer Gareth Unwin, amongst others.

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