Monday, December 05, 2011

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: A Writer's Life

In the UK Scriptwriters podcast this month:

- Red Planet Prize update.
- A discussion on the BAFTA/writer issue.
- Ways to improve your productivity.
- Plus special guest Johnny Griffith.

Listen, subscribe and share. Boil it in a bag, and serve it with rice.

Some links that refer to the scriptchat:
- James Moran's article in Broadcast about the BAFTA/writer issue, and their response.
- My open letter to BAFTA from December 2009 and their response.
- Red Planet Prize submission site.
- Mac Freedom, to block the internet on your computer and get some writing done!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I have just recently found these podcasts and am slowly working my way through them. Thanks, they are fabulous and really helpful. Did I hear you say that you have already done a podcast on 'the first ten pages' only I would really like to listen to this asap, but I don't know which podcast it is on. Please say you do?
Many Thanks!

Danny Stack said...

Thank you! We covered the first ten pages in episode 2 (cut & paste this link into your browser: However, when I tried the link, it didn't work so I'll get Tim on the case to see if he can sort it out (if it doesn't work for you). Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I tried it but it's not working!

Danny Stack said...

I've got Tim on the case. We may need to upload the file again. And/or we'll do the next podcast on the 1st ten pages, exclusively.

Anonymous said...

ok brill, thank you so much.