Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Fleabag Monkeyface

Fleabag Monkeyface is CiTV's new animation series. It's quite a big deal because it's their first UK commission in five years.

The series is based on the best-selling books by Knife & Packer. The mighty writing duo also lead the way for the TV series, together with producing partners Impossible Kids, Sparky Animation and Walker Books.

I'm delighted to say that I've written six episodes for the show (one of which was on Boxing Day; always nice to contribute to some Christmas telly!). It was huge fun to write, as it revels in everything gross and OTT-humour.

If you like a bit of gross-out fun (farts, bogeys, smelly diapers, evil villains, evil budgie henchmen etc), then Fleabag Monkeyface is the show for you. I mean, the kids. It's the show for the kids. Yes.

I'm currently writing more kids commissions with The Octonauts, which, if you haven't seen or heard about, then you must watch IMMEDIATELY (CBBC/Cbeebies daily).

In other news, right before Christmas, I had the opportunity to direct a short film, thanks to White Lantern Film. It's called After School Club and it's a fun, visual piece written by Nell Denton (only one word of dialogue) about two bored housewives who liven up their daily routine with a fight in the woods. We hope to have the film ready for a screening at the Southern Script Festival (where Nell's script was picked up) in February/March.

Also, last year I wrote a short film for director Adrian Tanner, which stars Roger Allam as a legendary guitarist with stage fright and, equally worse, a blocked toilet. Can the local plumber, who happens to be an obsessive fan, be the cure for both problems? WATCH THE FIRST TRAILER HERE!

What else? The deadline for this year's Red Planet Prize is fast approaching (don't forget the FAQ!), so I'm going to be busy reading the entries, as well as keeping my head down with some of the above, and a few other writing gigs that are on the go.

So, there may be some radio silence but I'll pop my head up every now and then to shout with some breaking news and key updates.

2012. Have at it!


rob said...

A scorching start to the year Danny, congratulations.

My boy and I are huge fans of the Octonauts (Barnacles is my new hero (the lad favours Kwazii)).

Great stuff!

Danny Stack said...

Thanks, Rob! Octonauts, let's do this! Yeow!

Anonymous said...

Very cool mate. Writing for Octonauts and Fleabag Monkeyface makes you a God in so many kids eyes. Sounds like you're kicking the year off well.

Danny Stack said...

Cheers, Brett. Hope all is going well with New Eden... very exciting!

MrSmith said...

Good going sir - always a fan of the scriptwriting podcast, it'd be great to hear some insights into the directing side of things as well.

Berni said...


Unknown said...

Octonauts is like...the best kids' show around Danny. Nice one! Let us know when we can see your eps in action!

Sophie x