Thursday, March 15, 2012

European Podcast Award: Results!

A little while ago, you may remember me mention that the UK Scriptwriters podcast was nominated for a European Podcast Award in their 'Personality' section. Well, the results are just in, and we came 2nd in the UK! Wowza!

** UPDATE ** We came 5th in Europe Personality overall. Double wowza! **

Thanks so much for all your votes, and for everyone's continued support of the podcast. We love doing it, so it's great to know there's an appreciative audience out there. The next podcast is being recorded live this weekend at the Southern Script Festival where me, Tim, and a whole host of screenwriting glitterati will be celebrating St Patrick's Day by watching Ireland beat the English in the rugby. Yeah, WHO'S WITH ME?!

For confirmation on the UK Scriptwriters result, we're featured at 8:17 in the below vid. Thanks to the European Podcast Award for the nomination & result. We're well chuffed!

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