Wednesday, June 06, 2012

My First Ten Pages

As this year's Red Planet Prize reaches its final stages, a few people have asked me if they could read the first ten pages of one of my scripts. This seemed like a fair enough request, especially as I get to read so many of your first ten pages.

So, here's the beginning of one of my specs (script available to view on the blog, in case it doesn't show up on your reader etc). It's called Space Man and it's about a psychiatrist who helps astronauts overcome their weird or mysterious experiences in space.


William Gallagher said...

What an excellent idea. Also, brave. Off to read this right now.


William Gallagher said...


And twelve.

And… look, I want more, okay? Curse my 700-words-per-minute reading speed, I was well into this and it only goes and stops on me.

I take it back. This is not an excellent idea. It is not brave. It is very, very cruel.


Danny Stack said...

Ha, too kind, William, thanks!

Ashley Wills said...

The opening (dream) sequence I adored, totally. Wow. And the remainder reminded me quite a lot of elements, stylistically, of Mad Men and the Kyle Killen show Awake. Very much intrigued me! *MORE! MORE! - shout the crowd*

Danny Stack said...

Thanks, Ashley! Well, if anyone does want to read the full script, just drop me an email. Cheers!

Unknown said...

Hi Danny,

Great way to intice the reader by creating such a great sense of mystery. Very intriguing!
Well done,
P.S. Love the podcast.

Elinor said...

Hi Danny,

loved it! May I read the script please?


Danny Stack said...

Cheers, Brian!

Elinor: sure thing, just drop me an email.

boywriter said...


Absolutely incredible opening!

Seriously tight writing, D.

Way to go...



radiantabyss said...

Found myself drawn in, nice sparse style and an intriguing set-up. More please!

Ko said...

This is a fantastic script. Very much in the "air du temps".I would love to have a copy of it. When you write on specs, what are the chances it will be picked up ? This one has fantastic potential. I write a doc series (in French) at the moment and my episode 5 is on space so I'm very interested in the subject...Best,Katherine

Danny Stack said...

Thanks for all the positive reaction! Feel free to email me if you'd like to read the whole script: dstack30 at

The chances of any spec script being picked up are slim but a good script will always stand in good stead (meetings, opportunities etc, which I've got from Space Man so far).