Tuesday, October 02, 2012

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: Writers Vs Writers

In the latest UK Scriptwriters Podcast, Tim and I chat with Great American Pitch Fest organisers Signe Olynk & Bob Schultz about 'the industry around the industry', the sometimes thorny issue of writers charging other writers for writing services. I'm certainly no stranger to this method of income, and it's a necessity at times, but I like to think I only offer what's relevant to my level of experience, such as my script reading services, and/or the occasional script courses that I host.

Signe and Bob are over in the UK to promote their pitch fest in the upcoming London Screenwriters Festival, as well as their low-budget indie horror Below Zero, starring Edward Furlong and Michael Berryman. It was a fun and interesting discussion, check it out below, or subscribe to the podcast via the usual methods.

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Danny Stack said...

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