Monday, November 05, 2012

UK Scriptwriters Podcast: London Screenwriters' Festival

Here's the latest UK Scriptwriters podcast, recorded live at this year's London Screenwriters' Festival. We managed to nab the following fab folk for a fun scriptchat:

Darrin Grimwood (writer of Steve Guttenberg film Cornered) tells us of his festival experience. (from 1:54 into the podcast)
Nish Panchal, from Curtis Brown agency, tells us what he likes in a pitch/what he likes from a writer. (from 9:00)
Jonathan Newman, writer/director, shares what it's like as a pitcher and a pitchee, and more. (16:00)
Pilar Alessandra, from screenwriting podcast On the Page, sits down with us for a bit of rival banter. (34:00)
Linda Aronson, writer/script consultant, tells us about non-linear and ensemble stories. (40:00)

Tim thinks it's our best podcast yet. He may be right. Hear for yourself! It's a big longer than normal, about 50mins, but you can listen below or click here for main website & subscription options (iTunes link below, too).

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