Monday, August 05, 2013

Writer's Diary, Monday

Got a busy week this week, with two deadlines and the go-ahead to start on an outline due next week, not to mention some short film pre-production, and some script reading, amongst other bits and bobs, so I thought it might be n̶a̶v̶e̶l̶-̶g̶a̶z̶i̶n̶g̶ interesting to do a writer's diary for the week, starting today!

OK, Monday morning. Not the best of times for the majority of working folk. Always difficult to wipe away the relaxed weekend vibe and get into a fully proactive groove. First order of the day, update my 'To Do' list. On my list, I have three main boxes, one marked 'reading', one marked 'writing' and the other marked, um, 'other'. And then a 'Monday to Friday' breakdown of how I'm going to break that work down, complete with a few notes and reminders here and there (an idea I like, a phone call to return, that kind of thing).

For today's 'To Do', there are five things on the list. Three of these are script commissions, which is always a welcome sight. Two of these commissions are BIG AND IMPORTANT (will reveal more as and when I can), while the other is a favour for a quick polish on a pre-existing script (for which I'll receive a handy, pocket money sum). The other two items on the list are to finish off my comic (very excited! the one I'm doing for VS Comics), and to stay on top of short film prep (I'm planning to shoot a new short at end of August, will reveal more).

I'll allocate two hours to each thing on the list, but this will be flexible as some will spill over two hours while others should be able to fit into shorter windows of time (the comic, short film). My first deadline is for tomorrow (the quick favour rewrite), and the second is due on Wednesday, so I'm actually going to start on the Wednesday deadline first, to get a slight headstart on that, and then move on to tomorrow's deadline before tackling the rest. In between, I may take a break for a cup of tea, have a fleeting look at Twitter and check for any incoming emails, but not until my momentum has built a decent head of steam and significant work has been achieved. Writing this blog post is my way to kickstart the writing process, so I'll sign off now, and report tomorrow for Day 2 of this v̶a̶i̶n̶ exciting diary exercise!

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