Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Reasons to Blog

As the modest readership of the blog slowly builds, I notice that I receive more first time guests than those who are recognised as ‘returning visitors’ (Mum? Stop it now). So I thought it might be a good idea to say a little about what this blog is about, why I’m doing it and how I see it developing.

First of all: Hello! And thanks for dropping by. If you’re just a casual surfer of the interweb who has typed in a search for ‘sexy Swedish twins 21st’ but have inexplicably been referred to a blog about screenwriting, I humbly apologise. I am not responsible for such web searches and their often tenuous (to the extreme) recommendations. But hey, feel free to stick around for a couple of minutes anyway, there might be something you like.

For those who’ve put in a more dedicated search on screenwriting issues and have found your way to my blog, I heartily welcome you, and hope you find something useful in my ramblings. If there’s a topic that’s not covered, or not covered in enough detail, feel free to get in touch via email or by posting a comment.

What’s it all about Danny? I’m glad you asked. As the name implies, this is a blog devoted to what it’s like scriptwriting and script reading in the UK (& Ireland) market. As an established script reader for six years and an aspiring writer for more than I care to count, I wanted to share and discuss what I’ve learnt about the process so that it could become a useful resource for UK writers as most books, guides and gurus are geared towards Hollywood.

Sounds good, but why bother? I have had various roles in TV and film while I flirted with the idea of committing myself to become a writer but whenever I would try to find out the specific ins and outs of what it’s like in the UK market, the information would be a bit too vague and generic. I am completely passionate and obsessed with screenwriting and I wanted to find someone or somewhere that fuelled this fire but apart from a handful of reliable resources (Writers’ Guild, Shooting People, Scriptwriter Magazine, Script Factory: all linked on the sidebar) they didn’t go into the detail that I craved.

Also, after six years of reading scripts all day and all night, I have developed my own opinions and approach about writing a good screenplay, and my thoughts here represent what bustle around in my head on any given day. If I don’t express them on paper (or internet), I might well go mad and become that geek who dreams about Courier pt 12 (I did have a dream about structure once, honest).

In addition, I wanted to raise my profile. When I gave up everything to become a writer, I thought hard graft and dedication would see me through but it’s not quite enough. You need a name, and you need a face. So I started this blog in August (already I have made new friends and contacts, and the potential for work) and I made a no-budget short film as my first attempt to put up or shut up.

Bully for you. What next? Well, the blog is still only a few months old but I’m quite pleased with the articles, contributions and reaction it’s received. I’d like it to become a regular pitstop for both aspiring and professional writers, and possibly develop into an open forum of comment and opinion (guest posts, Q&As, pitches).

A couple of weeks ago, I did my first Q&A for the blog, with Working Title (thanks again Justin), about the development process, and I hope this will be the first of many top insights from industry insiders about a variety of hot screenwriting issues (web search now has ‘hot sexy Swedish twins’, my page count is going to soar).

So there you have it - why, what, how. Thanks for checking the blog out. Come back and say hello sometime. If you'd like to know more about me and my work, feel free to check out my website for full details.


JonnyB said...

You probably have a lot more returning readers than you think, cos you publish your RSS feed in full. So people like me will tend to read it in Bloglines or suchlike and bypass your tracking device thingy...

Danny Stack said...

I don't know what that means but it sounds good anyway. I pressed the RSS button on 'Blog Explosion' knowing it was good for the blog but didn't know exactly what it did.

And so you say Bloglines and I nod my head but inside I'm humming the theme tume of The Magic Roundabout.

Anonymous said...

I found you via Froogle's shopping search engine on term ‘sexy Swedish twins+writers' ha, just kidding. I love your tips and incorporate many

JonnyB said...

That's all right. I don't really know what I'm talking about either. The RSS feed sort of feeds your words about the internet.

It's electric, I believe.