Monday, December 19, 2005


Monday morning. 10.30am. Just about to go in to a meeting to talk about the rewrite of my Tony Doyle script that's in development with Parallel Films but I thought I'd do a quick post to say 'hello'.

Weekend has been mental. Living out of a suitcase, catching up with friends and family. Every time I visit, I say I'll book myself into a hotel or B&B only to touchdown in Dublin airport and realise: "Oh, I forgot to... Mam will you pick me up?"

Sister's 30th on Friday (well, the whole weekend really). Happy Birthday Berns! Woo-hoo! She works for Setanta Sports, bless her.

Have another meeting this afternoon with a production company I haven't met before. Don't know if it's an offer of work or just a general 'meet and greet' but they've been very friendly and efficient pre-meeting, even phoning me up yesterday (Sunday!) while I was having a pint post-lunch (ahem) to check that we were all set.

I'll be back in my (new!) home tomorrow and back to the familiarity of my desk. I'll probably post up one of those personal end of year review thingies, but I'll keep it short, promise.

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Anonymous said...

if turning 30 means getting an
i-pod then it can't be all that bad..

..can it???