Monday, January 09, 2006

Enought Links To Make You Drink

Breeaaathe...and... relax.

Tax return done.

Or should I say: "first draft" completed. Go back, revise and amend any errors before the deadline at the end of the month. Definitely getting an accountant this year...

Just when I thought I had exhausted all possible links, websites and blogs about screenwriting, there are literally hundreds I still haven't found or checked out.

The links on my right will remain but there are many others who deserve attention and a 'shout out'. So, while I'm too lazy to update my link section, here's a list (courtesy of James Moran, thank you James!) of the better blogs and sites that are out there, some more obvious than others. I'm so wiped out and lazy after filing the tax return, I'll just hand you over to James's list:

"John August: screenwriter of Big Fish, Chas and the Choccie Factory, Go - he answers questions, it's a really informative site.

Lee Goldberg: who writes mysteries and TV spinoffs. Funny, interesting, not much use for screenwriting info, but worth a gander.

The Thinking Writer: not updated often, although there is occasionally good stuff there.

Warren Ellis: comic genius behind Global Frequency and many others. Tons of interesting oddness, news links, and DON'T EVER click on a link where he says stuff like "this is foul", or "don't click this", cause it'll be a protruding hernia or something hideous.

Bill Cunningham: the direct to DVD master. Always interesting and useful. D2DVD stuff has to work and leave out any pointless scenes, so they're usually pretty economical, tight scripts. And he's good fun, too.

Javier Grillo-Marxuach: writer of Lost among many others. Slow at updates, but good value.

Dingo Novel: comics writer posting his novel Dingo chapter by chapter.

Wil Wheaton: new address for his blog, again not much use for writing info, but usually interesting and heartwarming.

Neil Gaiman: you know the name, you know the game - if not, he's a comic, novel, movie and story writer, mainly well known for the Sandman comics, and the Neverwhere book and TV series. Full of interesting info, and random links, there's always something cool to check out here."

Again, thanks James for a great list.

And two more I came across recently:

Fellow UK scriptwriter & reader Lucy Vee's journal.

Deep Structure: Christopher Stack's muses on film from LA. We're not related but with a name like Stack, you know you can't go wrong...


James Moran said...

I'm not entirely convinced by your first draft of the tax return - the characters are nonexistent, there isn't any sort of act structure, and it just seems to be a load of numbers written in boxes. On the bright side, Uwe Boll just called, he's *very* interested...

MaryAn Batchellor said...

Alrady been done... a little Friday night crime show called "Num3ers".

Anonymous said...

lol james @the uwe boll comment. i just made a similar observation about him on someone else's blog. we're currently bidding on 'dungeon siege,' at the vfx house i work for. he's definitely the king of terrible low-budget video-game adaptations!

thanks for the shout-out danny. now i'll have to post something new...again! this blogging thing is actually work! ;)

i'll link back once i get around to reading the moveable type documentation about how to add a blogroll!