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Easter Noticeboard

A bumper noticeboard given the weekend that’s in it, plus really cool links to “New Websites for Screenwriters” courtesy of Creative Screenwriting. It’s a great list - almost makes this blog redundant - and essential for everyone in love or has a passing fancy with script. Scroll down to the bottom to follow the links. Have a great weekend, see you next week, fully refreshed and raring to go…


As part of the Queer Up North Festival, Contact is doing a special Flip the Script called ‘Short Cuts’ for the Queer Up North Festival.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 8th May. If you’d like to submit something or know someone who might, please have them send scripts, monologues, or even dramatic poems to:

Punam Ramchurn, New Writing Co-ordinator, RAW, Rhythm and Words, Oxford Road, Manchester,M15 6JA

For further information call: 0161 274 0642



NEW DATE!!!!!!! Saturday 6TH MAY 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.
VENUE: St Columbas By The Castle Church Hall, Johnston Terrace, Edinburgh
COST: £65 (inc VAT and refreshments)
E-MAIL: or call 0131 554 4539

Award winning Writer and Director Adrian Mead presents another in his acclaimed series of classes.

Professional writers know how to present themselves and their work. They understand that when having a meeting with a script editor or producer talking about the script is only one element of the process. The most important thing the exec is trying to establish is will they be able to work with you? What are you going to be like when they have to give you harsh notes or drastically shift the deadline? Being considered by the industry as a "good writer" requires more than just a good script.

A FREE 15 Page BOOKLET on many of the topics Adrian covers is also available at

WEB SITE: Mead Kerr


McKEE: LONDON: 28-30 April 2006

ROBERT McKEE is the most widely known and respected screenwriting teacher in the world. Portrayed in the Oscar-nominated hit "ADAPTATION," named Hollywood's Most Wanted Screenwriting Teacher by Movieline magazine, and interviewed by "60 Minutes" correspondent Bob Simon for CBS News' Sunday Morning 2005 Academy Awards Special, McKee's sold-out Story Seminars teach the essential principles of screenwriting and story design that studios, production companies and publishers demand from their writers.

Please register soon to guarantee a seat as events do sell out.
Register by calling +44 (0)870 080 1833, or online at McKee’s official website with secure, online registration.

£360 + VAT: Regular Fee
£460 + VAT: Writer's Special: Includes the Story Seminar + the latest version of Final Draft software (V. 7.1.1)
£235 + VAT: Repeater Fee: For former Story Seminar students


Freelance Production Assistants required

Bristol based independent production company Silicon 19 is currently seeking freelance production assistants with demonstrable industry experience. Applicants should also be highly focused and organised, with excellent IT and communication skills. To apply send a copy of your CV and a covering letter to


TAPS Writers' Workshops - admissions open

TAPS, the Skillset-supported charity dedicated to nurturing new scriptwriting talent, are now accepting applications for their 2006/07 Full Length Script Development and Television Comedy courses. Full details and application packs can be found on their website.

TAPS will soon be opening up admissions for their new, ITV-backed, Nations and Regions courses as well as courses aimed at industry professionals. New for professionals this season is the Continuing Series Workshop, designed to help established writers make the move from 30-minute to 60-minute returning series. Application packs will be available from the website soon.


Attend Lew Hunter’s screenwriting colony

Lew Hunter’s UK screenwriting colony will be held at the London College of Communications between 14 – 28 July 2006. The colony is an intense program for serious writers of all levels. This is a great opportunity for screenwriters in the UK to work with two well respected screenwriting tutors from the USA. Attendance will cost £1080 – follow the link for more information.


Film Street

Bond producer Barbara Broccoli is supporting a new initiative to inspire very young film-makers. Film Street due to launch this month is an exciting new website designed to unlock the imaginations of six to nine-year-olds and introduce the joys of film. The site is packed with interactive activities, movie-making ideas and expert advice. A dedicated teacher and parent section provides a wealth of information, lesson and activity plans and downloadable resources.


New Screenwriter Websites

Screenwriter Interviews
There is no better way to learn the craft and business of screenwriting than speaking with the best screenwriters working today. This site offers more than 150 complete interviews from the likes of Paul Thomas Anderson, John August, William Broyles, Jr., David Goyer, Brian Helgeland, Charlie Kaufman, Kenneth Lonergan, Christopher McQuarrie, Alexander Payne, Richard Price, Gary Ross, David O. Russell, John Sayles, Ron Shelton, Andrew Stanton, Ted Tally, and Nia Vardalos. This is an amazing opportunity to learn from these master storytellers.

Movie Scripts On-Line
A growing online database of over 400 movie and TV scripts, this site also offers links to additional articles and interviews for each script included. No transcriptions or html links here, only verified pdfs. And don't forget: you can always use the screenplay search function on the left side of every CSWeb page to find the screenplays you are looking for.

Scriptwriting Business
You have a finished script, now what do you do. Writer/producer Michael Lent presents his five-year plan for scriptwriting success including how to get past the studio reader, how to agent your own material, and how to work a meeting to your advantage. Writer/ producer Ron Suppa fills in the gaps in your knowledge base on becoming a working professional. This site also hosts a large archive of additional articles on the business of scriptwriting.

Screenwriting Resources
Hosts the largest database of current production companies accepting unsolicited query letters on the Internet. Check now for companies looking for screenplays in your genre. Includes information on all the best products and services for screenwriters. Software, consultants, script supplies, this site reviews the best of everything you need for your career. Site also hosts the last big roundup review of 24 screenplay consultants conducted by Creative Screenwriting, as well as software reviews and links to organizations that can help your career. Don't miss this great resource.

Script Sales
A free database of spec script and pitch sales dating back to 1995. See what types of screenplays have sold in the genre you're working in, or to the producers you're interested in working with. The database is also referenced by writer, agency, company, and keyword.

Screenplay Contests
Offers ratings on more than 200 different screenplay contests. Screenplay contests are one of the best ways to get your screenplay noticed by producers. Contest coordinator Anna Siri presents a comprehensive guide for entering and winning screenplay contests and interviews with contest coordinators and contest winners. Learn the inside information on how to win.

How to Write a Screenplay
Writer/director James P. Mercurio presents a step-by- step approach to writing your first or fiftieth screenplay. Don't miss the huge archive of over 100 articles on all aspects of developing your screenwriting craft.

Entertainment Industry
Writer/producer Heather Hale presents a step-by-step guide to how the entertainment industry works. Soak up years of learn-as-you-go knowledge in one sitting as she explains the power relationships in Hollywood.

Screenwriting Message Boards
A place to ask for advice from fellow aspiring writers and professionals, or to share tips. This site also hosts job boards for writers who are interested in working with independent and new media directors and producers. Don't miss this opportunity to build your career and network with fellow filmmakers.

AAA Screenplay Contest
Sponsored by Creative Screenwriting, the AAA Screenplay Contest is held twice a year (June and December) and offers big prizes and access to more than 320 production companies, agencies, and managers for its winners. Only $40 to enter.

Screenplay Format
You have to look professional to be considered in Hollywood, but the intricacies of screenplay format can be baffling even for seasoned writers. This site presents the standard screenplay format and answers your questions.

Screenplay Treatment
What is a screenplay treatment? How can you use a treatment to pre-write your screenplay? Can you sell your story on the basis of a treatment? Writer/producer Michael Halperin lays out an approach you can use to writing treatments for your feature and TV scripts.

Screenwriting Books
The number of books available on screenwriting is staggering and it can be difficult to decide which ones would be the most beneficial for your writing and career. This site contains detailed reviews of more than 200 books for screenwriters. Check what the reviewers have to say before you buy.

Screenwriting Expo
Held October 19-22, 2006 in Los Angeles, the Screenwriting Expo is the largest conference for screenwriters in the world. Offering four days of A-list speakers, pitching, networking, and more than 300 seminars, the Expo is the one event that every aspiring screenwriter shouldn't miss.

TV Screenwriting
Do you want to get paid? Do you want job security? Do you want control over your vision? Then television writing is for you. Veteran TV writer and producer Catherine Clinch presents her method for writing a TV screenplay from concept to production, discusses how the networks and studios work, the rules of two, four, and seven-act scripts, and how to approach writing a spec for an existing show.

All of these sites are free and presented by Creative Screenwriting magazine. Enjoy!

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