Thursday, May 04, 2006

Weekend Noticeboard

In the various phases of a writer’s year, there will come a time when all the momentum, push and drive will reach its peak and you simply have to sit back and wait to see what’s going to happen. Generally, waiting for reaction is bad, as it usually means procrastination, but a fevered bout of activity can only result in a spell of idleness if you want to maintain the ying yang sanity of a screenwriter’s life.

And so I find myself staring at my board which has nine projects that I’ve been actively working on but now there’s nothing I can do further, at this time, because they await the next stage of their development from a crucial second or third party. Good job it’s the weekend as it gives me the opportunity to relax and come back to the board afresh on Monday in order to wipe off and amend, building new priorities.

With that in mind, here are the latest picks for the weekend noticeboard. Hope you have a good ‘un.

** UPDATE **


For accommodation information and on-line booking, go to Visit Cheltenham and click ‘Where to Stay’ and then ‘Search and Select’ to custom search their database.

If you would like to speak to someone directly about accommodation or other local information then contact Cheltenham Tourist Information by telephone: +44 (0) 1242 522 878 or e-mail: . They also have a 24 hour brochure request line: +44 (0) 1271 33 60 90


SCRIPT OPPORTUNITIES (from Shooting People)

On Point films is a production company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. We are in the process of financing our first feature, and have now started looking for our next two scripts.

We are not looking for a specific genre, although we are not interested in horror. Also, bear in mind that this is Europe, so mega budgets are not advised.
If you think you have the script for us, please email a synopsis only to: You can find us online at On Point. We look forward to your submissions.


Are you a talented filmmaker, animator? If so Mobstar Media want to talk to you! Mobstar Media is an award winning animation and film studio specialising in comedy content for web and mobile. We are excited to open commissions for our Mobwits and Mobsods Brands, launching in May.

We have partners in over 56 countries and are looking for talented filmmakers and animators to create mini TV shows that will be distributed via numerous high profile mediums and partners. ll you have to do is create a pilot webisode/mobisode, include a short synopsis, and tell us a little bit about yourselves. All web/mobisodes need to be minimum 30 seconds to 1 minute in length.

If we like it we will fund you to create a series of 10 mob/webisodes - 30 seconds to 1 minute in length, PLUS you will also receive royalties on each mob/webisode downloaded across the world.

The Brief is simple, create a comedic show around an original character(s), and in each mob/webisode follows the comedic adventures or situations they get up to. Your shows can be PG or 18+ basically be creative, original and make us laugh! Please send all submissions via email to


Independent film company seeks feature length film scripts. We would initially like script synopsis/plot outlines.

Submission Requirements:
• Please include a brief description of the film
• 2-3 page synopsis/plot outline
• The story must be contemporary (no period pieces)
• All genres except horror
• Maximum budget of UKP 250,000.

We are seeking exceptional material aimed at international festivals and independent distributors. Position paid (exact payment terms negotiable depending on project). Interested applicants please forward details to: scripts2006*at*

NO FULL SCRIPTS PLEASE! We are only asking for script synopsises/overviews at this time.


We are currently accepting submissions for original low budget independent horror and comedy scripts for UK and or US production. We have slate funding committed and are looking to start production this year or early 2007.

At present we have several strong projects in various genres and are specifically seeking horrors/thrillers and comedies only. As these projects will be low budget we are especially keen on scripts with minimal characters and special effects (no helicopters or space ships), strong character driven plots with lots of psychological twists or comedic elements are the order of the day.

If you think you may have something of interest please contact: for more information and/or submission requirements.



Screen Yorkshire is pleased to announce the launch of its script development scheme for 2006/07. SPARK is open to writers with a genuine passion to develop their feature film script skills.This year the scheme is divided in to two parts.

Places on these sessions are limited therefore booking is essential. Please email Helen Perkins (Production Coordinator) or call 0113 294 4410. Places must be booked by 30 June 2006.

For more information on this years SPARK scheme and for full details of the application procedure please visit our website.




Skillset Film Futures now offer grants to individuals for either:

Training Bursaries to attend film specific training courses that will benefit their careers in the film industry; OR
Qualifications Bursaries to complete a film specific, recognised qualification.

Training Bursaries (Contact: Hatice Özdemirciler on )

Film Futures makes grants of up to £800 to individuals with 2+ years experience in the film industry to attend training in the following priority areas: Business Skills, Technical and Craft Skills, Health and Safety.

Qualifications Bursaries (Contact: Laura Fox on )

You can apply for a bursary to complete one of these qualifications:

NVQ Level 2 Grip; NVQ Level 3 Grip; NVQ Level 2 Crane Technician

Please see Skillset Bursaries for more detailed information including the Guidelines and an application form. If you need any assistance or have any questions after reading the guidelines, please contact either Laura or Hatice for further information.



Cracking The Code: Why Today’s Hollywood Needs You

Seminar and book signing with BLAKE SNYDER.

BLAKE SNYDER has written over 75 spec scripts and sold half, including two for $1 million (one to Spielberg). His new book, SAVE THE CAT: The Last Screenwriting Book You'll Ever Need is now Amazon's #2 best-selling screenplay book.

Blake tells all in this fast, funny, and candid look inside the movie business. “Save the Cat” is just one of many ironclad rules for making your ideas more marketable and your script more satisfying — and saleable.

Time: 10am to 1pm
Date: Saturday 13 May 2006
Venue: Central London Venue

For Booking information, please call 0208 510 0674 or go to London Script Consultancy.



Fancy yourself as the next Scorsese or Hitchcock? Then enter your film into TCM’s Classic Shorts competition. All you need to know about how the competition works, who can enter, how to enter, deadlines, the stellar line up of judges - it’s all on this website. So what are you waiting for? With £10,000 prize money to be won submit your short movie now.

Thanks to Dom for the link.



Anonymous said...

Hi Danny,

You seem to suffer back problems as a lot of writers do, what with sitting down all day. What tends to afflict me most is piles, really bad haemorroids and I was just wondering if you, or perhaps other posters here suffered the same, and whether you knew any good cures. I've tried the usual over the counter stuff but it just doesn't cut the mustard. Any tips?


Anonymous said...

On a completely unrelated topic (fortunately)...

What's the best way to format a sequence where you show the same character in the same location but with quick snippets of dialogue from different conversations?

My character works in a call centre and I want to show her at work before getting into a conversation with one particular caller. I've tried writing it as a series of shots like you'd do for an action sequence, e.g. -

SERIES OF SHOTS of Julie at her workstation:

Blah blah blah.

Blah blah.

Blah blah blah.


Blah blah.


- but it looks weird. Does anyone have a better way of doing it, or can anyone suggest a film where something similar happens so I can check out the script?


Danny Stack said...

Ouch! Don't know anything about piles, sorry. And I got my back injury before I became a writer so it's about maintaining fitness & posture to keep the pain at bay, which of course, is what writers without back pain should be doing anyway...

And Lincoln, I'll answer your formatting issue in the next post, cheers.