Sunday, September 10, 2006

Back to Work

Hello friends and neighbours. It’s good to be back. Here’s a quick round-up of things that might be of interest before normal service resumes this week.

The long, quiet and frustrating summer is languishing in its final days now so hopefully the turnaround and response will come in soon. Still waiting to hear from EastEnders (although that’s not looking good) and Run For Home (my script with Parallel Films). Origin (my latest horror) hit a development hurdle with my producer taking a job at the Irish Film Board, leaving the project in a state of flux. However, there are alternative routes emerging for that one. Aliens FC keeps puttering away, just, and other opportunities involving another soap and a computer game (!) should come to light in September.

So far this year I’ve completed four new scripts, three of them TV pilots (two half hour & one 15 mins), and at least one of these has a good chance of development when it goes to Cartoon Forum this month. And I’ve started a new spec away from my usual comfort zone which I hope to finish by the end of the year.

Channel 4 are running a competition for comedy writers. There are different levels of prizes but the best is the chance for the sketch to be performed at the Secret Policemen's ball in October. Full details HERE.

Mesh, Channel 4’s cutting edge digital and interactive animation scheme is now in its sixth year. Mesh seeks to blur the lines of distinction between disciplines and to develop talent in digital animation across all media platforms. Check out the website for full details.

And still with Channel 4, Lupus Films have been assigned to commission and acquire animation shorts for the channel. Three commissions are available, running time 3 minutes. Tone should be light hearted and narrative driven, and themes of love and family life would be ideal for the target audience they have in mind (on after the US comedies in the morning or after the midday news).

Acquisitions should have a running time between 3 and 8 minutes long, paying £250 per minute.

Send your ideas for commissioned films in the form of a short proposal (no more than an A4 sheet) with at least one design by 25th September 2006 in an enveloped marked ‘Daytime Shorts Submission’ to Lupus Films, Studio 212 Blackbull Yard, 24-28 Hatton Wall, London EC1N 8JH. If you have a completed film which fits the brief and is available for acquisition, send it on DVD by the above date to the same address.

The new UK scriptwriting competition is Make Your Mark in Film, a nationwide hunt for screenwriting talent, with up to £3,000 up for grabs. Check out the website for full details.

Huge hurrahs for James Moran’s latest triumph with the release of Severance, and Scott the Reader will need to change his moniker to Scott the Writer after securing a semi-final spot in the revered Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting. No mean feat. Awesome dudes.


Lianne said...

Welcome back!

James Moran said...

Hear hear! The blogoscribosthingosphere hasn't been the same without you.

Anonymous said...

When we are we doing lunch? xxx