Monday, October 23, 2006

Beta Get on With It

**Updated Post**

Well, now. I wasn't go to say anything. I was just going to silently upgrade like a sleek blogger in the night. Leave you with a fresh new look without cause or explanation. And just get on with things.

But no. A few complaints, and a few compliments. Opinion divided. Put it to a vote you say. Ok then, have a go, just click'n'choose with the poll on the right. Well, there was a voting thing on the right but a glitch occurred somewhere, and it wasn't appearing, or something, so I took it down. Hmmm, maybe Beta not so great after all.

However, popular opinion seemed to heavily favour the new Beta version so ppppsssboo! to you, Sam and Berni, and the other solitary person who preferred the old look.

Meetings in London went well. Lots of chat and hot-air but also one or two things to work on immediately that will actually pay (although how quickly the contract and cash will come through is another matter entirely; long after you've done the work probably). And Doctors should be having a commissioning meeting around about now and my script editor is trying to squeeze at least one of my banked ideas through, so like, you never know. It's almost November already. Yikes.


Anonymous said...

Personally I like the new template you've chosen - uncluttered and businesslike. The old one was fine too but the new beta templates are better.

I think it's important to point out that you don't actually have to change your template significantly to move to the beta version.

I've only been testing my as yet unpublished blog over the past few weeks but the changeover to new beta appears to be easy.

I'd recommend it, particularly for those who are worried about tinkering with html code. As you say, it's all drag and drop.

Lee said...

I like the new template, and I'm becoming a big fan of the beta. It's aces!

Anonymous said...

My memory is far too poor to even remember what the old one looked like. Generally I'm also as happy as an idiot; so I have to go with liking it.

Dogtooth Films said...

Change! Oh my God - Change! There's been a change! Something is different....okay...take a moment to absorb the change and rationalise the panic...the links are still there, that's good. Old articles for ref are still there, that's good. And Danny is still there. Phew!
Had me worried there for a moment.

Anonymous said...

I'm indifferent to the new look really, seems fair enough though. As long as you keep us informed with all this poncing about in London with the writery larks, I will have no complaints. ;)

Tim Clague said...

I use an RSS reader so I never actually visit the site normally! My vote - don't care!

James Moran said...

You can still use the template you had previously, it's still in the list of options - and because you're using the new layout things, you can change templates willynilly without losing your sidebits. Don't forget to add your statcounter stuff in though.

Anonymous said...

I tried to vote for the new Beta and it said I already had.

I had not...anyway, me like!

Thanks for this blog...


Anonymous said...

I couldn't see what I was voting for and had to guess. Accidentally voted for new layout. The fact that your poll is corrupt just adds fuel to my fire. If you insist on this soppy layout I will boycott this site. For 24 hours.

Dan said...

If you're happy, I'm happy.

I switched to Beta email which is great. Drag and drop and everything on one screen. It also updates every 10 minutes to let me know I still don't have any emails with offers of work.

Lucy V said...

The other solitary person who liked the old version???

It was ME!

Why? 'Cos red is closer to pink than blue.

So : P to you and all. Like Sam I too will boycott this site...

...But for 24 mins.

Anonymous said...

To Tim Clague: which RSS reader do you use?

I use Bloglines and whilst it's good it doesn’t track the comments so I normally visit the original blog sites anyway to read them. Often the comments are just as important as the original blog.

It's not a great system on the blogger sites because all you have as a reference is the number of comments and it's hard to remember how many comments you've already read.

If your RSS reader tracks comments too I'd love to know which one you use. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

To follow up my own post I thought I’d pass this on as it might help people:

I’ve found an excellent piece of free software which can track any blog 'conversation' (i.e. comments following a blog piece).

It can email new comments to you and it also produces a link to all your current comment-tracking which it lists on one page - you can then follow that page via an RSS reader. Fab!