Friday, November 24, 2006

Unsolicited Material Welcome

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** UPDATE, JANUARY 2010 **

The list below is pretty much out-of-date. A lot of the production companies have since changed their policy on unsolicited materials. The best resource to find out if companies accept unsolicited material is the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook (website here).


So, here it is. The first of what will hopefully be an ongoing list of producers and production companies who encourage new writers and are open to unsolicited material in the UK. If any of the companies have been listed incorrectly, or do not accept unsolicited scripts any more, be sure to inform me immediately so I can update the list. The same applies if you come across other companies who have an open-door policy.

Do not use this as a free-for-all bombardment of their time and consideration. Be professional and courteous with your approach. Make sure you fully research their websites and requirements. Seek out all information about their current and previous work. Send them your best scripts, not something you’ve had lying around for a few years. Be prepared, be ready. And if you get a good response or have a positive experience, let us know…

Absolutely Productions: Mainly TV comedy.

Baby Cow: first ten pages plus a synopsis only.

BBC Writersroom

Celtic Films

Ipsofacto Films

Marchmont Films

Phantom Pictures

Panther Pictures

Parallax Independent

Passion Pictures

PFB Motion Pictures: No scripts, send one-page synopsis only in first instance.

Rose Bay Film Productions: Unsolicited scripts (with sae) welcome.

RS Productions

Screenprojex: Film sales and distribution outfit with activities primarily in the independent film sector. Send prelim letter outlining project & CV.

Shooting People: Online pitching available. Subscription required.

SilentSound Films: Synopses considered via email or post.

Sweetheart Films: An intro letter with perhaps a treatment and a short extract would receive consideration.

UK Film Council: Lottery funding available.

World Productions


Dominic Carver said...

I was informed by Celtic that they are not accepting unsolicited work at this present time.

I will let you know if that changes.

Danny Stack said...

Cheers, Dom.

Lucy V said...

You is a ledge Danny.

Andy Phillips said...

Thanks, Danny.

Andy Phillips said...

I completed the pitch form for Ipso Facto films. It was so quick and easy, I thought, 'Why not?' I've got the logline down, so I just cut and pasted it (though I couldn't resist a little tweak). Under 'status' you have to select from 'Idea,' 'First Draft,' or 'Ready.' Mine's an outline, so I went for 'Idea.' You never know, eh?

Anonymous said...

Every toe-hold counts. Much appreciated Danny.

Anonymous said...

just came across your interesting blog and to say hi and good luck

The Heart Attack Club said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Heart Attack Club said...

Totally misread that sorry.

Anonymous said...

Bona Broadcasting are currently accepting short film proposals. The Writers' & Artists' Yearbook say they don't accept unsolicted MSS, but when you go onto their website they say they welcome one-paragraph email pitches. I pitched a radio script to them this way and they have now asked to see the full MSS.

Anonymous said...

That's amazingly helpful. On the one hand, when the script is rejected you can't kid yourself that it's because they just don't accept unsoliciteds - it's because your script is shit. But on the other hand, you can target your material more carefully.

Once I sent in a script to some company who judging by the pristine nature of it when it was returned, I suspect there were about 2 seconds before it was taken OUT of the envelope and put back IN the SAE I'd enclosed. But even worse, I'd sent in a sitcom, and the note read: 'Thank you for your gameshow idea now fuck off' or words to that effect.

Deni said...

A lot of these production companies have since changed their policy on unsolicited materials. Are there any updates?

Anonymous said... accept unsolicited scripts. Just go to the website and under 'Services' you'll find all the details you need to send your script.