Tuesday, February 06, 2007

MySpace Movie Mashup

"MySpace is launching MyMovie MashUp, the world’s first user generated feature film in partnership with Vertigo Films and Film4. MySpace users will be involved in every stage of the filmmaking process from finding the director, casting, editing the script and marketing. The project unfolds in 10 acts:

Act One - Director Search
The first stage of the project is to find the film’s director. MySpace is asking budding directors to submit a short film via the website before 27th April, 2007. MySpace, Vertigo and Film4 will select their top 10 entries and put them forward to pitch one of five professional scripts to a panel of judges. The judges include actors Sienna Miller and Ashley Walters, director Kevin McDonald, producers Andrew McDonald and Nick Love, plus Christian Grass, Executive VP 20th Century Fox, Europe.

Act Two – Director Final Selection
The panel will shortlist three finalists; the final decision is then down to MySpace users who will vote to choose the ultimate winner. The lucky winner will be announced in late May, with the director immediately beginning production of their £1million movie.

Act Three - Title Search
Next we have to name the film. Following the selection of a director, a synopsis of the chosen film script will be posted on MySpace for people to dream up the film’s title. Name choice falls to the director, with the author given credit in the film. At this stage, a MySpace profile will also be created so people can start to contribute and interact with the film.

Act Four – Interactive Script

In early June, key scenes from the script will be posted on the film’s MySpace profile alongside a synopsis of the script. The MySpace community will be invited to suggest edits for the script by leaving comments on the profile. The director and scriptwriter will review all the suggestions and incorporate the best into the script. Successful contributors will be credited on the film.

Act Five – Online Casting
Once the script is in place, the director will ask MySpace users to audition for parts in the film. Aspiring actors can audition for parts by posting their audition videos as comments on their chosen character’s MySpace profile. Auditions are expected to be open from beginning of July to the early September.

Act Six - Production Crew
The director will need the support of a strong production crew, so MySpace is teaming up with Shooting People to hire people for lighting, set design, make up, costume as well as recruiting a number of runners. Those wanting a job on the set must apply through the film’s profile on MySpace.

Act Seven – Production
Filming will begin in October. The film’s profile will be constantly updated with news from the set including a video blog from cast and crew. Friend’s of the profile will have the chance to win a visit to the set.

Act Eight – Soundtrack
Great films are often defined by their great soundtrack. MySpace will tap into the hundreds of thousands of unsigned bands already using MySpace to uncover new music for the film.

Act Nine - Mass Roots Marketing
With the film in the can, MySpace will switch on the power of the world’s biggest lifestyle portal to create awareness and noise around the film. Just as MySpace has supported big studio movies like Borat or X-Men 3, so this user generated first will enjoy the full support of MySpace’s marketing efforts. The film is scheduled for its worldwide premiere at Cannes 2008, with the UK Premiere planned for the London Film Festival 2008.

Act Ten – Distribution

In the final act, MySpace users will be asked to submit poster ideas, music for the trailer and other merchandise possibilities. Check out the website for full details."


Chris Parr (ukscriptwriter) said...

I'll check that out at home tonight, but you talk about script edits. Any idea who is writing the initial draft?

Danny Stack said...

It must be the winning filmmaker...

Anonymous said...

I like this idea. But it's not a mashup or the first ;) Be interesting to see how it opens up the space -- but its still working within the confines of the business. It's not that open. More Project Greenlight than A Swarm of Angels?

Robin Kelly said...

I had to read it three times but I think they have the five scripts already written.

But how they will match those scripts to the finalists must be by a random method because surely the best script that is pitched is going to win whatever the director's like. Although, saying that, if it's going to reflect how a film is made normally...

Robin Kelly said...

Apaprently it's one script, and everyone has to pitch that one script which makes more sense but still...

Unknown said...

Hi - just to let you know that Im one of the 12 shortlisted directors for the MyMovie Mashup.... the script can be chosen by the director and then it's up to the public to submit ideas or twists to the story... any ideas can be chosen or ignored by the director (anyone picked will be credited on the film). I am unsure of a script, although I have ideas. If I were picked I think it would be nice to get everyone involved in creating the script from start to finish. If you have a mo please see my video pitch at www.myspace.com/gobblynne and let me know what you think.
At the moment it's up to the judges to decide the 3 finalists and then it goes to a public vote (July 10th) to decide on the winner.