Saturday, March 17, 2007

Come on the Irish!

Did you see the Irish cricket team win a draw against Zimbabwe in the Cricket World Cup? Probably not. But weren't they great? It was their debut on the world stage, and batsman Jeremy Bray scored 115 (not out), a terrific achievement, and the team notched up an overall run total of 221. The boys in green then went on to give Zimbabwe an almighty fright, and could have won the game, against all odds.

In the final ball of the game, Zimbabwe needed only one run to win it, but Ireland bowled them out, and the game was tied. I never thought a cricket game would make my heart race. At the ground, the Irish supporters danced a merry jig to celebrate the draw. It's taken me about ten years to understand and appreciate cricket, but now I'm completely sucked in.

Plenty of oxymorons and ironies in the above paragraph. 'Irish cricket' Eh? 'Win a draw?' 'Celebrating a draw?' Believe it. It was genuinely thrilling to see the Irish lads push the Zimbabwe team to the end, and the shared result was definitely the right one. There's been talk this week of scrapping 'draws' for football games but this is ludicrous, and possibly trying to pander to the American style of victory and excitement. Phill's got a few interesting things to say on that matter over on his blog.

Anyway, the Irish cricket boys are playing Pakistan today, who didn't get off to a good start against the West Indies, so who knows, there might be a serious upset on the cards. A bit closer to home, the Irish rugby team are playing Italy in the final day of the Six Nations. Ireland could win the championship (although they threw away the chance of a Grand Slam, shame). So, come on boys. You messed up against the French but did brilliantly against the English (what an emotional game that was!) so you can put the championship to rest today.

Whatever the outcome in sport, and whatever you're doing today, remember, it's a good day to be Irish. In fact, everybody is Irish on St Patrick's Day. If we win in the cricket AND the rugby, prepare to raise a glass or two and drown the shamrock in style.


Good Dog said...

Danny, if you're out celebrating St Patrick's Day you probably won;t be reading this until... Tuesday? Wednesday?

I think yours was the first blog that flagged up Adrian Mead's Insider's Guide to TV Drama course, so I wanted to say thanks for doing that. It was a bloody good day.

d f mamea said...

slainte, Danny - go the Irish!

Danny Stack said...

Heard it was a great day, GD, that's great.

An update on the Paddy's Day festivities: Ireland beat Italy in the rugby, and in a SENSATIONAL upset, the cricket team humiliated the Pakistans to clinch an unexpected victory. However, the French ruined the party by beating Scotland with enough points difference to win the rugby championship (a last second try!). So a touch of sweet & sour as our national day came to a close.

Lucy V said...

Nuts. Well, as that song by The Doug Anthony All-Stars goes:

"I really, really love The French (only kidding)"!

Oh, someone at the door again...Oh, it's my french writer friend JK Amalou...with an axe! Noooooo....!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, congratulations on the cricket. Went to Adrian Mead's day which was great and very invigorating. Met Lucy and a few other people who respond to your blog so it was good to put some faces to names. Then we sank a few Guinnesses in the Museum Tavern.

Funnily enough when I walked into the Adrian's Course the first person I ran into was a guy I work with. B@$t*rd screenwriters are everywhere!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was indeed marvellous to meet Fran et al on what turned out to be my last day on earth...

Dan Fitch said...

I'm all for the Irish celebrating St Patrick's day. However, why do English people, who would never celebrate St George's day, suddenly go out on an all day bender?

I think there's a strong case for rounding up all the people wearing those Guinness top hats and shooting anyone who can't provide an Irish passport.