Sunday, August 19, 2007


Just thought I'd squeeze this in.

In the Screenwriters' Festival's brochure, they had a section dedicated to the bios of all the guest speakers, including yours truly because I was there as part of the Red Planet Prize. However, in another section, I was surprised to see an extra snippet about myself: "Danny Stack, script editor of Kings". I was like: eh, what? Who? How?

Last year, as I was watching my bet on England to win the World Cup go down the plughole, I was contacted by director Tom Collins who was looking for someone to edit his adaptation of Kings, an Irish play by Jimmy Murphy. I helped Tom with a few drafts, he paid me, and that was that. Or so I thought. What I didn't know was that he was in the final stages of pre-production and that he was about to start shooting.

I wasn't expecting to get a script editor credit but, a year later, there it was in the brochure of the Screenwriters' Festival (and it's on IMDB, too), so I was wondering how this had happened, not that I was complaining. And then I got an email from the director last week, telling me he put in a script editor credit for me, which was nice of him.

Kings stars Colm Meaney (great Irish actor, rumoured to be Gene Hunt in the American version of Life on Mars) and it's about six young men who leave Ireland in the mid 1970s in the hope of making their fortunes in England. Thirty years later, only one makes it home - but in a coffin. The five remaining friends reunite at his wake and face up to the reality of their alienation as long term emigrants who no longer have any real place to call home.

It's an emotionally charged character-driven piece and the Screen Directors Guild of Ireland, in association with the Directors Guild of America, have chosen it as the winner of their Directors Finders Series 2007.

As the winner of the Directors Finders Series, the film will be showcased in the Director's Guild of America Theatre in LA on 28th September 2007 to an audience of American distributors, with a view to securing a US distribution deal for the film.

So, huge congratulations to Tom, and best of luck for the film's ongoing success - very exciting!


UPDATE: Also, my regular co-writer Sam Morrison has his latest animation short, Rocket Science, up on the BBC Film Network. So, click on over, watch the flick (and give it a vote if you're a member). Lovely.


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Oli said...

Perhaps they just meant you were the script editor of kings, kind of like Budweiser.

Danny Stack said...

Ha ha, well, I'd take that, too, naturally...

Anonymous said...

Hi Danny, well you did have a bet on England, I had to do something to help !!!


Jason Arnopp said...

Jesus. Two days 'til the Red Planet deadline? Did I slip into a timewarp, courtesy of Bank Holiday booze? :-o