Saturday, September 08, 2007

Miscellaneous Media

Press releases have been recently dispatched announcing my involvement with a new web/tv project called Sofia's Diary; you may have seen it in various media publications. The press release states that "Danny is adapting Sofia's Diary for the UK, and he won a Bafta last year for his series The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers!" Some news sources have published the Adrenalinis as a BBC series, and mispelled the show's title. Sofia's Diary itself is written and created by Nuno Bernardo, and the format has already been successfully adapted in several countries. It's great to be part of the team that is developing it for the UK. But the mention of me and the Adrenalinis' Bafta is inaccurate.

The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers! is a CiTV show and I was part of the writing team, not the creator or main writer. The credit for winning the Bafta should go to the creators/writers Nick Ostler, Mark Huckerby, Dan Chambers, not to mention the producers, Pesky, and other key staff. So, just in case some of you are media types who've stumbled across the blog because of the misleading press release, the Adrenalinis is not "my" show, I was just lucky enough to be part of it...

On a slightly different note, the trailer for Kings is up on YouTube. It's the Irish language film I helped script edit last year, written and directed by Tom Collins. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Hi Danny, the 'Kings' film must have been fantastic to work on!

I'm familiar with the original play on which it's based 'Kings of the Kilburn High Road', so I'm very interested in seeing how it's been translated to film.

As a descendent of County Mayo myself I'm well aware of the themes portrayed in drama such as this, themes which are in fact universal.

Do you know when the film's going to be released in London?

Danny Stack said...

Not sure, Tony, will let you know as soon as I find out.