Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Red Planet Meltdown


From Red Planet's website:

As some of you are no doubt aware, the weight of submissions over the weekend created some technical difficulties for us. If you received a bounce back ('mail box full' or similar notice), please resubmit your entry to:

resubmission @

This mailbox will be open for the next ten days, but won't be accepting any new entries. On the positive side, it's great that so many people have entered.
Tony Jordan comments: 'Thanks to all who have entered for your interest and enthusiasm. We've had around two thousand entries to the competition, which is daunting but shows how much talent there is out there. We'll be working through the entries this month and those that make the next stage should be notified in October.'

So, use that email. Those of you who sent stuff to my hotmail address needn't resubmit. I'll make sure everything gets read. Sweet.

*** Below is the previous post ***

Okay. Everybody take a breath. Relax.

Due to the amount of last minute entries, the Red Planet mailbox had a few problems. Some of you received a failure message, but the entries are coming in, and we're doing everything we can to make sure all entries are received. I believe part of the failure message says this: "No action is required on your part. Delivery attempts will continue for some time, and this warning may be repeated at intervals if the message remains undelivered. Eventually the mail delivery software will give up, and when that happens, the message will be returned to you."

To be on the safe side, if you're worried, you can forward your entry to my Hotmail address: dstack30 @ hotmail . com

Don't ask me any questions in these emails, I won't be responding. Just forward your entry, making sure it has the relevant attachments, AND PROOF THAT YOU DID SEND IT IN ON TIME, NO LATE ENTRIES PLEASE, they will be ignored. Those who've emailed already, thank you, no need to re-check or follow up. If there are any problems, I'll let you know. I've got 5GB of storage on Hotmail so I don't think it should be a problem.

The email failure seemed to occur for people on the last Friday/Saturday, so while there may be a good few of you with a failure message, there shouldn't be THAT many either. I'm actually on holiday this week but seem to be doing more working than taking time off. People sniping about the set-up or sending me moany messages is not helping.

But we'll sort it out, one way or the other.



Liz Holliday said...

Ignore the moaners, Danny - you and the other Red Planet folk are doing a great job. Anyone who can't see that isn't worth worrying about - and anyone with half an ounce of commonsense would realise that with all the publicity the Prize has got there were bound to be a few hiccups. (And I say this as someone who got a bounce notice - but I emailed Simon Winstone and he sorted it out for me.)

Gareth Michael Turpie said...

Thanks Danny! Sorry it's spoilt your holiday, lets hope you find some gem scripts to make it worthwhile

missread said...

Thanks Danny! I have had to send you mine, as I got the confirmation as well as a bounceback. Very kind of you to take entries, though I now see the Red Planet site has a resubmission email address. If you want folk who have emailed you to email that address instead, just say - I feel bad imposing on you on your holiday!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Danny. I never received a receipt, so I'm gonna send it again to make sure.

Lianne said...

Thanks for dedicating so much time to sorting this out Danny, when you have much better things to do I'm sure. Hope you enjoy what's left of your holiday!

John Soanes said...

You were/are on holiday? Okay, now I feel rather guilty about the re-send. Apologies, Danny - and thanks for your help.