Friday, November 30, 2007

Writing John Malkovich

Have you seen this? It's an on-line writing project created by esteemed actor John Malkovich (officially called The Vaio Online Script Project).

He wants to write a script with you, us and everyone. He's written the first page of a screenplay, and he'd like you, us, everyone to follow suit. Write the next page. And then someone else writes the next. And so on. Sounds like an interesting project and ideal for bloggers to procrastinate with, I mean, make a meaningful contribution.

Have a peek at a couple of videos of Mr Malkovich talking about the whole shebang, HERE, and HERE (I'm not sure where he's going with the Cat in the Hat thing, but it's still quite nice). The comp launched on the 16th November so it's all still new and exciting. Fancy a go? Check out the full and proper details below.


Make a movie with Malkovich

The Vaio Online Script Project is a unique opportunity to collaborate with one of today’s true renaissance men.

Through his many creative endeavours but particularly through acting and directing for both screen and stage John Malkovich is someone who genuinely recognises and encourages talent.

And now you have the chance to work with him. The idea and process is very simple. John has written the first scene to a movie. What happens in the next scene is up to you and the web community. Scenes can be uploaded to the site and after each month one successful scene will be chosen by John.

Anyone can contribute at any point throughout the project. You might have a killer idea for the end of the movie and wait for the last scene. The process will be repeated monthly until John is happy that we have a very special script.

The project starts on November 16th who knows how it will end……



Dan said...

Malkovich uses "cut to:" extensively and dictates camera set-ups in his script's opening scene. Tut, tut ;)

Interesting project, though.

Anonymous said...

Is this really a useful or interesting opportunity, or is it just cheap advertising for Sony and a sell-out for Malkovitch?

If he wanted to encourage writers, there are a million more useful ways of doing it.

Dunno. What does anyone think?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, a bit of both, maybe, but only a page per-go, so a bit of fun nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone read the 'winning' script?
Most submitted scripts have a dozen or so votes, but the current highest scoring script has over 1250 votes!........and it's really dreadful.

Sal said...

The more competitions the merrier. Although with only two votes for my efforts (one from me, another my husband - sad I know) I sense yet more rejection in the offing. But hey, as my fave screenwriting book says 'if you don't get a rejection every day, you should start to feel rejected.'
There's no winner yet - closing date is Dec 7th, but yes, will feel a bit peeved if I am thrashed by a frozen puppy........

Anonymous said...

There is something seriously wrong with this competition. Now there's 1350 votes for the dead puppy - I think not.

In fact, the quality of writing for most of the scenes is really bad. If this is the kind of sludge that readers have to trawl through on a regular basis, they have my deepest sympathy...