Friday, December 14, 2007

Unique Words


A certain Mr Stack in Los Angeles (no relation but am always pleased to see the name - it even crops up in number 6 of the latest 'Black List' ), reports that "w00t" has been deemed 2007's word of the year. He then points out a real humdinger - "sardoodledom".

I've got one for you.


To be used when you're working on a script/rewrite/outline etc but not with any definite goal or direction.

For example: "I'll just do a doorooby on that, see where it takes me". Or, "I'm stuck on page 5. Let me have a doorooby and I'll get back to you..."

I currently annoy my co-writer Sam by saying it to him. I don't expect it will catch on...

Anybody got their own unique words that they like to use but wouldn't make sense to anyone else?

** UPDATE **
Charlie Brooker (who surely deserves his own TV channel, not just his essential Screenwipe programme on BBC4) has a good one with 'contesticock': the self-aware contestants on any TV game show, who are cock-heads that deserve to die.

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