Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Only Two Links You'll Ever Need

So. You've scoured the internet. Read all the screenwriting blogs. Devoured all the tips and advice. But you keep surfing, hoping to catch that extra bit of insight or insider gossip. And you just keep on going because the web provides an endless supply of tags and links. Well, now there are only two places on the 'net for all your screenwriting needs.

The first, and you might have seen this before, is Oliver Stapleton's "So You Wanna Work in Movies?" where he gives a comprehensive round-up of what's needed, not just for writing but every key filmmaking department. There's even an index at the bottom of the post to help you navigate to your preferred subject. Mr Stapleton is a cinematographer with about 30 years in the know, so he the man.

Second, and hot off the blogging presses, is James Moran's indispensible response to my writing revelations meme a couple of posts back. James's post is blindingly helpful, honest and pulls no punches. It also coincides with his 5th blogoversary (he was the first UK scriboblogger!), so if anything, go on over to pop a cork.

There you have it. No more surfing the 'net or trawling through endless links. All you need is the above.

Oliver Stapleton's "So You Wanna Work in Movies".

James Moran's Writing Revelations.

We can all go home now.

(Of course, Lucy has been kindly rounding up all the best articles on the 'net, so that's another place to visit if you want more. More goddammit! So, erm, that's the three links you'll ever need... Oh, and then there's John August, Ted & Terry's WordPlayer, but they should be on your bookmarks already.)


Lucy V said...

Thanks Danny for the link - wondered why that page had had a sudden hit spike today!

Though I'm also wondering why people are looking on my blog for

"dirty sex pilot episode"

"rent boy station"


"I like big boobs and I cannot lie"

They're a filthy lot these screenwriters, hey? Maybe that's a prerequisite too...

Tim Clague said...

I agree with those great links - but also with your own post a short while ago called 'where do I start'. Just doing it is always the best way, getting your head down and writing. And one of those things we can all agree on and yet still find hard to do.

Anyway, must get back on with my script about a guy who finds that he cannot lie about liking big boobs. Forget Lucy's site for help on this, she had nothing.

Lucy V said...

That's a filthy lie Clague!

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