Thursday, July 03, 2008

Red Planet Prize 2008

As you may have seen in Broadcast and selected blogs, the Red Planet Prize 2008 was launched on Wednesday at the Screenwriters' Festival, Cheltenham. For those of you who may be unaware, the Red Planet Prize was set up by writer/producer Tony Jordan (with a bit of help from little old me) to discover new writing talent. There's no other screenwriting competition like it. It's free to enter. You get £5k cash if you win plus agent representation (if you don't already have it). And here's the best bit. You get a commission on one of Tony's shows! Get in!

There's a slightly different set up to this year's competition so for the full run down, visit Red Planet's shiny new website or check out the blog. It's all very exciting, especially with the success of last year's winner, Sam J written by Joanna Leigh, which is currently being developed as a single drama for TV.

The Screenwriters' Festival was on top form with its cracking line-up of speakers and delegates, providing lots of insight, inspiration, debate and drink, not to mention networking, new friends, late nights and little sleep. I'll have a bigger report on the launch and the Festival once I get my bearings. Until then, get cracking with those first ten pages!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't find anything specific about this on the site, so thought I'd ask you here: can writing teams enter scripts?

(Obviously with the standard caveat of splitting the prize money etc etc!)


Danny Stack said...

HI David

Yes, writing teams can enter, as long as you don't mind sharing the prize!

John said...

Hi Danny, sorry if you start getting deluged with questions but here are my two...

1. "series" means returning series or can be serial too? And if both are possible, is one more welcome than the other?

2. If a writing team enter, can they also make individual entries?

Looking forward to the Festival Report!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Danny - I think sharing the prize would be the last of our concerns if we won!

Danny Stack said...

Hi John

1. 'Series' is what we're after, probably best to stick to that. Tony's very flexible and generous, so he probably wouldn't exclude a 'serial' entry, especialy if it's well-written, but I'd say make it a series rather than a serial.

2. Yes.

Lucy V said...

Right. I've decided to enter after all 'cos I can't let an opportunity slide, it's against my religion, so if I die from exhaustion it's your fault Stack!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW, was that a GIRL's jacket I saw you wearing in Jase's SWF photos??

Danny Stack said...

That was my stylish (ahem) Boden jacket, a big hit with the ladies (ahem ahem). Never be afraid of a little bit of colour, that's my motto.