Friday, July 18, 2008

Weekend Tidbits

Summer lull getting you down? Can't quite summon the creative energy to get started on your latest project, or, are you stuck, wondering what to do? Surfing the net 'till you're blue in the teeth? Well, why not procrastinate further with this nifty animation short? (and no, it's not me doing the voice as some people have asked)

On the other side of the coin, you may be busy with a script and are excited about the exec's feedback to take you to next draft. Surely all the clich├ęs about execs and 'bad notes' aren't true, right? Take it away, Mitchell & Webb in what is probably the best sketch EVER about 'those' kind of meetings: "Not this, not this at all, don't do this, but what if say the main character dies at the end of chapter one. I mean not that but something like that, I mean not like that, but yeah."

And finally, a script call that might be of interest.

"We are a new production company with several successful short films under our belt and we are now seeking to shoot our first 90 minute, £250K feature film. We are seeking screenplays that are set in one location with around 6-12 actors in total with no need for special effects, that can be shot on in the UK. We are shooting using a RED One camera, so it will look as good as 35mm film but cost a lot less.

We are looking for finished scripts, send us a treatment or the first 10 pages and if we like it then we will shoot it!

More information about me and our last film can be found at Big Gulp Films or email James Newton, james @ biggulpfilms . com . This will be a joint venture between Big Gulp Films and Federated Films."


Anonymous said...

Those vids have cheered me up no end! Ta.

potdoll said...

oh god that second vid!