Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Get Your Movie Made!

Got a great script? Finding it difficult to interest a producer? Think there's no-one out there willing to make your movie? Or are you stuck in development hell?

I've compiled a booklet called 'Get Your Movie Made!', a list of 20 leading film companies in the UK (well, in fact there's 22) who actually make and distribute films in this country. The list includes full contact details, whether or not they accept unsolicited material, key personnel and previous credits, plus any other relevant information. If your script isn't being read by one of these guys, chances are it's not going to get made at all.

The booklet is an incentive for people to donate to my short film and a 'thank you' to those who already have. I know we're all a bit cash-strapped these days so if you're going to give a little, then I want to give a little back, hence the booklet and the latest information posted on the blog. I'm charging £10 for the booklet ** UPDATE, NOW ONLY A FIVER ** and all proceeds will go into the production of my short. If you'd like a copy, PayPal is the easiest way to pay (using dstack30 at hotmail . com address), or email me for more details.

And just as Second Picture Syndrome opens up, another interesting opportunity has come along from our friends over at Check it out:

"We have been approached by some serious film financiers who are keen on making low budget feature films. They want to cherry pick the most exciting new film talent and are not afraid to take a chance on new film makers/actors/writers if their ideas are good enough.

So here’s what we’re after:
• Original full treatments or full length scripts - (guys and gals, please remember to register your treatments/scripts via yourself or the various national associations to protect your ownership\ copyright in the project before emailing them to us)

• And, if you have a made a trailer or short film specifically, to be expanded into a full length low budget feature, and we like them, then we would be prepared to include it in our submissions to the financiers

Our production company (which is associated with - a site supported by Morgan Freeman/Richard Attenborough/John Hurt etc.) will co-produce each film and ensure that the maximum amount of talent where feasible is drawn from Icewhole members.

We have an obligation to create a sustainable level of high quality productions values to ensure we can continue this potentially long running exciting relationship.

NOTE: To be involved (as a writer/director/actor) you must have an Icewhole profile – please note we will not accept submissions from those without profiles.

Please email us at: firstfilmfund @ icewhole . com with your idea and a link to your Icewhole profile page. In the meantime check out the awesome Icewhole panel."

Sounds interesting, and worth a further look.

Thanks to all who have kindly donated to my short so far. I'll be blogging with updates as soon as pre-production begins in earnest in a few weeks, once I finish my EastEnders episode. The adventure starts here...


Anonymous said...

May a Yankee order your booklet? I bet she'd be willing to pay the extra postage to get it all the way over there :-)


Danny Stack said...

I can email it AoC, no problem. It's a 10 page document, so easy to print off.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, Danny. Is there a deadline for donations?

Danny Stack said...

Not really, Anon. I might do an update every now and then, to remind and encourage people to donate, and notify everyone when it's all over.

Ray said...

this was a pretty interesting read, i'll look into it

Anonymous said...

Yo, Danny.

Just a quickie, when exactly will the Red Planet Prize be announced?

Danny Stack said...

Shouldn't be too much longer, next couple of weeks I'd say.

Anonymous said...

Hey Danny,

My script has been requested by two pretty big UK agencies. This script is the only thing me and my friend have written so far, but it's already got good feedback from a TV reader I know. My question is this: if one of the agencies likes it, what can we expect to happen, what is the protocol?

Danny Stack said...

There isn't any set protocol as far as I know, Redfoot. The agent may think your script is ideal for the market, or for a production company who they know is looking for your type of script, and offer to represent you. Conversely, they make like your script but want to see more of your work before they take you on, which is more likely to happen. On the other hand, the script could be so impressive, and your personality so dazzling/ambitious/whatever, that the agent snaps you up regardless of they fact you've written just one script. Whichever way it goes, good luck!