Monday, February 09, 2009

Love Is In The Air

OK, updates. What first? Red Planet? 'Kay. We're down to the final shortlist and the judges are trying to decide on the winner. Hopefully, this won't take long but we had lots of fighting talk about the 2nd round scripts, so it won't be any easier choosing an actual winner. Standard really high. Really.

EastEnders? 2nd draft sent in today. Really enjoying my episode, and it's shaping up well (I think) so looking forward to the next stage, fingers and toes crossed. It's not for broadcast until May. May! That's, like, four months away! I'm sure it will creep around quickly enough.

Twitter? I've taken the plunge and signed up to see what it's like. I did have a link to my tweets here but thought that kind of defeated the purpose of the blog proper, so if you'd like to 'follow me', then come on over, the heating's on. I'm still figuring out what Twitter's all about, but so far it seems like harmless fun, and even more procrastination. Winner.

Short film? Wow! Thanks for your donations! Good response to the booklet initiative, too, so that tells me that I should perhaps think of a few more incentives like it, to boost the budget even further. The booklet lists the full contact details of 22 leading film companies in the UK, a must-have if you want to target the real movers and shakers in this country. Some accept unsolicited material, most don't, but for a list of companies where unsolicited material is always welcome, then this link from 2006 is still useful (and popular!).

Next step for the short is to do another pass on the script, and get the key HODs (that's 'Head of Departments', get me) together for pre-production, which should begin in earnest towards the end of the month. I'll be starting my video diary around then. For access to that, you need to donate £25. So, just to remind you, the donations break down like this:

£10 (you get the script, the 'Get Your Movie Made' booklet, and a 'thanks' credit)
£25 (you get the above, a 'special thanks' credit, plus access to a video diary, and a DVD copy of the film)
£50 (you get the above, an 'associate producer' credit, plus an invite to an industry screening)

Simply press the 'Donate' button in the sidebar to make a payment of your choice. I thank you.

It's Valentine's week, so love is most definitely in the air. If you fancied getting your loved one something different this year, me good mate Laurie Peters has designed some special Valentine cards that offer a different perspective on the romantic holiday. Check 'em out!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the RPP update, Danny. Have the folk on the shortlist been told they're on it?... In other words, should those of us who've heard nothing stop biting our nails?

Anonymous said...

Second that one, Danny. Should we forlornly seek solace in tasty, tasty beer if we haven't heard about shortlist yet?

Danny Stack said...

No-one's been notified as yet as there are workshop plans for runners-up, and we want everyone to feel equal there. So, just the winner to be announced - soon! - and workshop peeps to be notified shortly afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Cheers! Nail sandwiches again for tea then...splendid.

Anonymous said...

Hurrah! Deferred-disappointment.

laurence timms said...

Sorry to be asking a rilly dumb question, but are the workshop plans for the 2nd round shortlisters or the 1st round shortlisters?

Or both, even?

Danny Stack said...

There were two workshops last year, each with around 10 writers or so, so they might to do the same again this year, all going well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Danny, will you be doing a write up on the types of entry you received etc like last year?


Dharmesh said...

Where are you planning to shoot the film?

Danny Stack said...

Anon: Probably.

DS: I'll either shoot it locally to me, or, depending on cast/crew, up in that fancy London.

Dharmesh said...

I've seen your previous 3min short and I was wondering what's different about this one in terms of scale?

What are you shooting on?

T.C. Jakobsen said...

Twitter and procrastination.

I've found that Twitter is the right kind of procrastination for me. I do less of it and sometimes with twitter it can actually be useful. Plus as a writer spending much time alone it gives that sense of being in a workplace, where you can swap stories, ideas, jokes, small-talk.

Danny Stack said...

My 3 min short was just me and a camcorder, and it was shot in a few hours for absolutely no money.

My aim for the new short is to make a top-class professional film with a great cast and crew, utilising the right budget, lights, actors and equipment that I can get. It's a strong script, and hopefully should be something special.

laurence timms said...

Just watched - enjoyed (if that is the right word) - On The Death Of His Wife.

If nothing else, shows exactly how much can be achieved with a camcorder and £0.

Anonymous said...

Hi Danny,

A little off topic but your Eastender's episode made me curious as to how writing for a soap/continuing drama works.

Does one writer write an entire episode or do several brainstorm the plot then one 'puts it on the page'?

What does a storyliner do?

Would be great to hear your thoughts in a future post.


Tim Clague said...

Happy valentine's from your train buddy! :)

Danny Stack said...

Anon: I'll keep it for a blog post but basically, for Enders, a storyliner works out the broad story beats for every ep, then the writer goes off to dramatise it in the best way possible.

Tim: right back at ya, slugger.