Monday, February 02, 2009

Second Picture Syndrome

Slingshot Studios, in association with Ingenious Media, Optimum Releasing and The Salt Company have launched 'Second Picture Syndrome', a new development and training programme designed to develop and package mid-budget genre feature films ($10 to $25m) with international appeal. The programme provides creative and market-led support to 10 writers and directors, with specific focus on the emerging generation of British filmmakers.

Slingshot is looking for applications from writers and directors who fulfill the following selection criteria:

* At least one feature film released in the UK and/or internationally to either critical acclaim or clear commercial success
* Alternatively, aspiring filmmakers with exceptional commercial success in a related non-film field e.g. best selling novelists, comic book writers, directors with an outstanding track-record in prime-time television or theatre
* UK and/or US agent representation

If Slingshot get 20 applications from this blog (tell them you heard it here), they'll donate £40 to my short film.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS 28 FEBRUARY. For the full run-down, check out the website.

Thanks for your donations to my short film, which keep coming in. I am humbled by your generosity. I know there are a few who'd like to contribute but can't quite afford to, which is perfectly understandable, so to make a basic tenner donation more inviting I've compiled a booklet called 'Get Your Movie Made', a list of the top 20 companies in the UK who, y'know, actually make and distribute films in this country.

If your script is not being read by these guys, then chances are your film won't get made at all. The list includes whether or not they accept unsoliticed material, full contact details, key personnel and previous credits. It really is a handy booklet, so if you wanted your own copy, simply donate a tenner to my short (using the link on the sidebar) and I'll email you the pdf document. You give a little, I give a little. Lovely.

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