Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Coming Up 2009

Press release info:


COMING UP is the only talent scheme currently in the UK where emerging film-makers have the opportunity to make an authored drama with a guaranteed network broadcast. Now in its ninth year, Channel4 and Touchpaper TV, part of the RDF Media Group continue their commitment to innovation, experimentation and new voices.

We will make up to 8 eye-catching innovative, challenging films which kick down the door of mainstream television drama, from the best fresh talent in the UK. Each film will be for a half-hour C4 slot and we are looking for:

Bold original and surprising ideas with strong voices - unafraid of ambition, wit, urgency and fearless entertainment.

Films that can be shot in 4 days on a limited budget.

WRITERS: This scheme is open to all writers who have NOT had an ORIGINAL single, series or serial broadcast on UK television; writers who have contributed episodes to series or serials (e.g. a long-running soap) are now eligible to apply.

DIRECTORS: The scheme is open to directors without a primetime TV drama credit.

WRITER / DIRECTORS: We will accept submissions from Writer / Directors above, but excellence in BOTH disciplines must be shown to be considered in this category.

The closing date for receipt of applications is:
FRIDAY 17th APRIL 2009

ALL applications are by post ONLY:
COMING UP 2009, The Gloucester Building, Kensington Village, Avonmore Rd, London W14 8RF
Full guidelines are available on the Touchpaper, RDF, or Channel4 websites or email specific queries to ComingUp @ touchpapertv.com "


And, on a different note, why not click on over to Babelgum to vote for Tim Clague's video, God Versus the Advertising Standard Authority. It's a film Tim made on Boxing Day (even when he's taking time off, he's still putting himself out there!) and it's proven to be a big success and is now up for consideration in the Babelgum Video Awards. Sweet! Go on, vote for the Timster, you know you want to.


Neil said...

Thanks for letting us know about that Danny. I have a quick question - I have a short 10 - 15 minute script that would fit the budget thing down easily. Is ten minutes any good or does it HAVE to be longer?

Danny Stack said...

According to the info, it's a half-hour slot, so that would mean 25-28 mins of story. But maybe email them to find out for sure. comingup @ touchpapertv.com

Neil said...

Ah yes, brilliant thanks. Should have something quite fitting for that methinks. Again, thanks a bunch for posting this.

Happy writing :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff. I've been wondering if this scheme would be running again this year. Where did you see the press release though Danny? As none of the linked sites have anything up yet. All IWC media have is the usual short blurb from last year, but I'm assuming from your post that touchpaper are handling it this time round. Cheers.

Danny Stack said...

What can I say? I have my finger on the pulse!

Anonymous said...

Does that mean your agent told you?

Danny Stack said...

Um, yes.

laurence timms said...

I found some downloadable info about this year's scheme - it's all here.

Danny Stack said...

Thanks, Laurence!

Tim Clague said...

Thanks for the plug. I have no shame as you know!

Anonymous said...

Danny - operating on the tried-and-tested 1 page per minute should we be looking at 22-25 pages for Coming Up do you think?

Anonymous said...

Can't find any info on previous winners - anyone know of any synopses online?

Danny Stack said...

Tom H: Half hour scripts are usually at least 25 pages, so I would aim for 25-30 to be on the safe side.

Anon: Sorry, don't know where there might be winning synopses online. I think the producers gave an example last year or the year before, so maybe drop them an email and ask to see a previous winning submission? Can't hurt.

Jon said...

The C4 blurb on their site for this says 'This is not an entry level scheme'. I've seen this in other places for other schemes- what should I take this to mean?


Tim Clague said...

I believe it means that it shouldn't be your first thing. So if you are a writer that you have written some stuff that has been made before. If you are a director then you should have a reel with some great shorts on it - or commissioned work of a great standard

Jon said...

Cheers Tim.

Counts me out right now.

They do create a strange paradox though. They want "writers who have not had an original single, series or serial broadcast on UK television" and have only just opened the scheme to people who've written for a soap (etc.) and yet saying "not entry level" seems to contradict this.

Somebody somewhere should post an idiot's guide to media-speak!