Saturday, April 18, 2009


It's all steam ahead for the short. This time next week I'll be mid-way through filming, all going well. The Amazing Mr Ben and I have been gathering a great cast and crew (this guy is my 1st AD. I mean: come on!), and we're now in the final stages of prep before it all kicks off on Thursday. We're still short some key personnel so take a butcher's at the details below and spread the word. More news as it happens, stay tuned!


SOUND RECORDIST & BOOM OP required for short film (expenses only, London area)

Shooting on Super 16mm. 'Origin' is a supernatural drama about a woman trying to keep her family together when her son falls ill after being bitten by a mysterious creature.

The crew assembled so far are experienced professionals all of whom are giving their time for free over the four days of the shoot. We will be paying travel expenses.

Dates are:
Tech Recce - Tuesday 22nd, Shoot days - 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th April, 0800 - 2000.

Please send CV with contact details to sarah.mckee @


Scaramanga said...

I meant to ask how long it is?

Im assuming you'll be busy for the next wee while so good luck with the shoot, hope all goes off without any problems.


Danny Stack said...

Cheers, Charles! Running time will be around 10-15 mins.

Lucy V said...

I'll do your boom thing! Of course I'll be total rubbish having never done it before in my life, but I'm like, well enthusiastic. Yes?!