Friday, April 03, 2009

Red Planet Prize 2008: Winner!

Well, here it is. The news that you've been waiting for. The winner of this year's Red Planet Prize. Check it out.


We’re delighted to announce that Mark Wilkinson, a VT Operator, is the 2008 winner of The Red Planet Prize. His script, The Ropes, is a piece inspired by the time Mark was left housebound by a broken leg for four months.

Wilkinson commented: “I'm extremely proud to have won the Red Planet Prize. It’s absolutely unique; there really is nothing else out there like it. I can't wait to start working with Tony and the Red Planet team.’’

Tony Jordan, commented today "I’m thrilled not only for Mark and his rather wonderful script, but also at the standard of writing of the entries this year.”

Details of the 2009 Red Planet Prize will be announced shortly.


HURRAY! Well done, Mark! Great stuff.

See a nice photo, and stuff, at the revamped Red Planet website.


? said...

Congrats to Mark! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mark! Well done, I hope one day we will be able to read your screenplay. May it launch a screenwriting career for you!

Also thanks to all the hard working people managing the RPP, it was a fantastic experience and I'm looking forward to the 2009 prize. You've started something that's rarely seen in the business - giving beginners hope that someone, somewhere will read their script.

Great job!

martin said...

well done to Mark, and big up to you and the RP crew for a great competition, Danny. said...

Congratulations Mark!! Hope it leads to really great things.


Unknown said...

well done that man!

Sofluid said...

Congratulations, Mark!

The new website looks fantastic! Well done to the team :)

Martyn said...

Huge congratulations to Mark and big thanks to you, Danny, and to the Red Planet peeps for a great comp.

Now, can I be cheeky and ask if you have any info on when people will find out if they are on the 'workshop list' - is it likely to be soon or should we just chill and forget about it for a couple of months?!!?

Oh, and how cool do the astronauts look!

Cheers again

missread said...

fantastic - congratulations to Mark.

Paul McIntyre said...

Congratulations Mark, best of luck working with the Red Planet team!

Danny Stack said...

Martyn: Not exactly sure when the workshop peeps will be notified but it shouldn't be too long. He said.

Martyn said...

Cheers, mate

Anonymous said...

Hi Danny, just wondering if you'll be doing a summary of the competition entries, what type of work you got a lot of, common mistakes etc like last year? Good luck with the film, will be donating shortly.

Danny Stack said...

Yes, Anon, I'll be doing a round-up soon. Cheers!