Tuesday, May 19, 2009

CBBC opportunity

Thank you all for your kind words and compliments about my EastEnders episode. You're all biased! But thank you, it means a lot. I had fun watching with a bottle of Cava (I know how to live) and it was a real buzz seeing my name come up at the end, a proper prime time credit. It makes you want more, immediately, like 'what else is on TV tonight that I wrote? What do you mean nothing?' Crikey, imagine how TV's James Moran feels all the time with his gazillion credits? He kindly took this photo last night at the key moment, thanks James!

Anyway, now that's over with, let's get back to the business at hand shall we? The BBC writersroom posted a new CBBC opportunity today that looks really interesting:

"Do you have stories to tell that we've never seen before?

Can you create characters the audience will fall in love with?

We want to find the next generation of CBBC writers with fresh perspectives, original voices, and the ability to create unforgettable characters.

This opportunity is open to any writer who wants to write Children's drama. We are looking for 30-minute original TV scripts of unmissable and infectious storytelling, offering fresh cultural perspectives, tales combining authenticity with hope and joy, stories from a child's point of view, characters that will engage and surprise the audience, scripts that are powerful, emotional, and contemporary, shows that will work for the CBBC audience and channel but can dare to take risks."

For the full details, check out the website.


Unknown said...

I think this is worth a go. Ta.

Anonymous said...

when does this opatunity end please reapost hear ,, and what kind of dramas are they (cbbc) looking for.... thanks

Unknown said...

I'm about to try Celtx for this script. Would you say the screenplay template is okay to use?

Danny Stack said...

I've never used it Antonia but I hear it works fine.

Fiona said...

Antonia, just make sure you're using the TV and not film template.