Thursday, May 28, 2009

Script Call For UK Horror Film

This sounds like an interesting opportunity. Remember, don't just bombard them with ideas you happen to have lying around, or half-baked premises you think might have potential. Hit them with your best. Be confident in your pitch, believe in your story. They need you, you don't need them. Well, that's not strictly true but you get the gist...


Hello, I am Derek Harrington, a producer working with British cult horror director Norman J Warren and we are looking for a UK based low budget HORROR film script.

Usual rules apply. Few locations not top heavy on CGI. We hope to shoot end of 2009 / early 2010.

We are prepared to receive pitches from unrepped writers.

Money. This is a paid gig. In the UK unknown writers usually get
$80,000 for a first time film.

This would be stage payments. We may also be interested in taking a story we like even if we don't like the script. We would then pay for the story.

* Strong Female Lead
* Really good horror feature film
* Highly original
* Simple
* Based in reality (IDEALLY)
* 18 Rating
* Appeal to a young audience
* Budget £1.2M / $2.4M US
* Filmable in the UK London / Herts. / Elstree

I hope this gives you an indication of our requirements and I would cite for reference of recent times:

Eden Lake
[REC] (Spanish)
The Hole
Let The Right One In
The Descent
Wolf Creek
The Orphanage (Spanish)
The Long Weekend (Australia)

Please send loglines / synopsis to me at - script name in the title bar, and with your contact details.



Lucy V said...

Thanks for posting this, Danny

Jason Arnopp said...

Norman J Warren's films are tremendous fun - I have a lovely coffin-shaped Anchor Bay UK boxset of a few of them.

Unknown said...

Can I ask, what's CGI? Also, the films cited, is this to give potential writers a flavour of what they're looking for?

Thanks in advance.

Danny Stack said...

CGI is computer generated imagery. The films cited are for reference; what they like or have enjoyed, similar tone, attitude etc.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Danny. I wasn't sure about CGI, but the other, I thought as much, but wanted to confirm. Neurotice fool that I am.

Adam Cook said...

Thanks for posting this up, Danny. I'm a long time reader of your blog but first time poster.

Just a note - you've linked to a Canadian film called The Long Weekend which, I assume, is not the one they were talking about.

The Australian film of the same name is a rather excellent low key man vs nature horror film and well worth a watch.

Danny Stack said...

Cheers, Adam. Link amended!

Gareth Michael Turpie said...

Cheers for this Danny, I've told my fan about it too over at mine!

(Credited you, though, of course!)

p.s. Every bod peeps:- There's 2 smaller opps at mine too...