Thursday, July 09, 2009

Origin on IMDb

Well, will you look at that? Origin, the short film I wrote & directed this year (for those of you new to the blog), has got its own page on IMDb. The film is a supernatural drama/mystery about a woman who tries to keep her family together when her son falls ill after he's bitten by a mysterious creature. It stars Katy Carmichael, Lee Ross and Jack Blumenau.

And hey, if IMDb says I'm a producer and director now, then who am I to argue? I think the page has been created because of IMDb's links with Withoutabox, the film festival submission site, which I've recently joined. I'm doing my best to update all the credits and have sent IMDb a full list of the Associate Producers. A few names have started to appear so everyone should get their credit in due course.

I'm currently in the final stages of post-production. Sound/music mix next week, then the grade/DI the week after. Then it should be done! Good times. If you haven't checked out the website and trailer, then what are you waiting for?

Meanwhile, I'm in the middle of writing my second episode of EastEnders, which won't go out until Friday 13th November, 2009. It's an exciting episode, with lots of juicy story lines going on, so I'm getting stuck in as much as I can. I should get notes on my first draft this week (always a nervous wait) and then we'll see how everything is shaping up.

Have you been watching Torchwood this week? It's been great, hasn't it? And TV's James Moran continues to demonstrate his rising excellence by penning last night's humdinger. Viewing figures actually went up from the previous night, and they only do that when the story engages the audience to stick around until the end. Fantastic stuff from the blogging/Twitter legend. He's setting the bar high for us to follow. Let's hope we can keep up.


Unknown said...

Brilliant trailer, Danny. looking forward to the full show.

Paul Parkes said...

Hey Danny, great trailer! And congratulations on getting another gig on EastEnders!

Danny Stack said...

Thanks Antonia & Paul, very kind!

Mutt said...

Origin sure looks like it deserves an IMDB profile.

I know I'm a little slow on the uptake, but you wrote for The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers?! One of the few clear memories from my childhood. Great show.

Vote Saxon said...

Oh! Fantastic!!! Congrats about getting Origin on IMDb! Brilliant!

Thank you for the Credit! (I'm tremendously excited about that and shall unashamedly flaunt it whenever the opportunity arises! :) )

Seriously though - you deserve all the credit. said...

Well done Mr Stack on the IMDB and another gig with EastEnders.