Thursday, August 06, 2009


Yesterday, a new series called ROY started on CBBC. It's about an Irish boy who tries to be normal - the only trouble is that he's a cartoon! It's like 'Roger Rabbit' meets 'The Commitments' (without the swearing!). If you missed episode one, then mosey on over to CBBC's iPlayer and catch up. Or you can tune in for the repeat on CBBC, Saturday morning at 9.30am (Sky 613, Freeview 70, Freesat 600, Virgin Media 701, Tiscali 306).

Regular readers will be aware that I wrote an episode for the series (original post here). It was going to be episode three (called 'On The Run') but I'm told the order has changed a little, so it may have been rejigged. Fear not, I'll keep you posted on when it will be on. I can't wait to see it. I had such a good time working with the other writers and production team. Special mention goes to script editor Alan Keane for making the whole process such a joy from start to finish. A class act. Here's a full list of all the writers:

Paul Smith
Declan de Barra
Neil Layden
Pat Connolly
Mark Hodkinson
Richard Conroy
Derek O'Connor
Alan Keane & Paul McLoone
And yours truly

Hope the show goes down well. Fingers crossed for a second series!


Oli said...

Charming and bonkers. Looking forward to your episode.

Unknown said...

Excellent, Danny. I'll look out for it. Nice to see they used some first-time writers too!

Unknown said...

Well done, Will look out for it. Looks like an all-male writer line-up, unless Pat is female?