Monday, November 09, 2009

Sky Movies Competition

"Sky Movies, in association with Skillset, is offering one independent film maker the unique opportunity to have their own HD film financed and broadcast on air by Sky.

Aspiring film makers are invited to submit their own one-page treatment for a 10 minute HD short film. A panel of industry experts including Sky Movies' Movie Geek presenter Josh Howie, will consider these treatments, before announcing the winner in December.

The winning film maker will be awarded £5,000 for equipment hire to shoot and edit their film in High Definition with the film to be shown on Sky Movies Indie HD in the New Year."

For the full details, visit the Skillset page.


Anonymous said...

Cool, will definitely look into this. Thanks for the heads up Danny

Gareth Michael Turpie said...

Thank you, Sir Daniel of Scriptdom.

Mine's in. Fingers crossed!

Brendan O'Neill said...

Thanks for heads up. Any word on RP this year?

Danny Stack said...

Soon, hopefully!

manfromthezoo said...

Thanks a lot for the heads up on this, Danny. It was on your tip-off that I entered a treatment.