Friday, January 29, 2010

Julie Gray UK

If you're familiar with the scribosphere, then you won't be any stranger to Julie Gray's website, recently revamped to Just Effing Entertain Me! If you're not, get on over there and check it out. Julie's one of Hollywood's leading script consultants and she shares her experience and advice through her blog in a very constructive, friendly and useful manner.

Julie's coming to the UK in March to teach her Warner Brothers workshop 'From Idea to the Screen to the Page'. Weekend dates in London (6th & 7th) and Oxford (13th & 14th). To celebrate, Julie's giving away one of her in-demand 'Brainstorming Sessions' (via Skype), valued at £63, plus an Amazon gift certificate of £17, AND your choice of three of Julie's podcasts. This giveaway is exclusive to you via the blog. Who loves you, baby?

So here it is:

The Just Effing Entertain Me Short Scene Competition (UK only)

Entry Guidelines:
Write a one page scene which cleverly incorporates three keywords into either action lines or dialogue. The key words are: SWEATER PLUM VOLCANO.

Any genre is acceptable but scripts must be submitted as a PDF only to julie @ Julie Gray will choose the top three finalists and they will be available to view here after the deadline.

Deadline: 6pm, Friday 5th February (UK). The top three finalists will then be posted shortly afterwards so that everyone can vote for the winner.

More about Julie:
Julie Gray is the founder of The Script Department, Hollywood’s premier script coverage service. She also directs the Silver Screenwriting Competition and consults privately with a wide variety of writers and teaches classes at Warner Bros, The Great American PitchFest, The Creative Screenwriting Expo and San Francisco University in Quito, Ecuador. Julie lives in Los Angeles, California; her book Just Effing Entertain Me is slated for release in late 2010.

For more information on the UK workshops, go to Julie's website or email classes @

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radiantabyss said...

This is my first go at one of these keyword pieces and I'm literally amazed at how it forces you to be out-of-the-box creative.
I spent a whole day slaving over an idea only to do a complete 180 in favour of something which came to me on the street and is much, much better.