Saturday, February 06, 2010



And the winner is 'The Denouement' by Caitlin Catherwood & George Pursall. Well done you! You win the brainstorming session with Julie and the other goodies she has lined up. As you have her email, feel free to get in touch, or I'm sure Julie will contact you shortly to organise your prize.

185 votes, fantastic! Thanks to everyone for voting and making it such a fun and popular competition, especially to Julie Gray for her time and generosity.


The Julie Gray competition went down a storm! We received over 50 scenes, many on the last day. There were a real interesting mix of entries, although a lot were formatted badly (sigh). Anyways, Julie has chosen the finalists (listed below in no particular order). So, clicky clicky to biggy biggy, read the scenes and then vote for your favourite, right at the bottom. Simple as! Voting ends, next Friday, 1pm, UK time.

Volcano of Doom by Ady Hall

The Denouement by Caitlin Catherwood & George Pursall

On Top of the World by Jared Kelly


Jamie said...

They were all excellent, but I liked The Denouement the best. Voted.

radiantabyss said...

Fun exercise. I have a clear favourite. Well done everyone!

harvb said...

Loved the Volcano scene, made me laugh.

Unknown said...

The volcano scene stood out for me - there was a great sense of immediacy and urgency there and the suspenseful cliffhanger end left me wanting to read more about the characters and to find out just how they arrived there.

Sparkly Light said...

I think it's always important to have a denouement!

Adam said...

it's the best written i think, but did anyone else think that volcano of doom read like an old tarzan/tintin in congo - all it needed was a bone through the nose.