Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Julie Gray/Chile Benefit

As some of you will know, Julie Gray’s seminar, ‘Idea to the Page to the Screen’, will be in London on 6th and 7th March (like, this weekend!) and then in Oxford on 13th and 14th March. To reserve a space in the seminar, please go to Julie's website or email classes @

On Monday 8th March, Julie will be in Oxford doing a 90 minute lecture called 'The Reality of Breaking into Hollywood: Agents, Managers, Producers and the Importance of STORY'. It's a great opportunity for students to get a bite-sized lecture on screenwriting while also supporting a good cause by donating whatever you can to the relief efforts in Chile.

So that's Monday 8th March, Oxford University, 7.30pm. Email naomi @ if you’re interested. Tickets to the lecture cost what you can spare.