Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luck O'The Irish

Today is St Patrick's Day so feel free to drown the shamrock in whatever style you fancy. Rather aptly, this morning I awoke from a Guinness hangover (pre-Patrick's Day drinks, oh yes) to discover that ROY, the CBBC show about an Irish cartoon boy living in the real world, won Best Children's Drama at the RTS Awards. Yahoo! You may remember me wittering on about this fantastic show as I was lucky enough to be part of the writing team last year, wait, two years ago now!

This news is all the more exciting when you consider that it beat MI High and Sarah Jane Adventures, two great shows in their own right.

Anyway, it's the perfect Paddy's Day present, enough for me to seek out more pints of the Devil's milk, and large it up Irish stylee. All I need is a packet of Tayto, Galtee sausages, black & white pudding, and I'm all set for tomorrow's inevitable hangover. But shur, what harm?

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit. That's Happy St Patrick's Day to you!

--- UPDATE ---

Also, I should say, I had my first episode of Fair City on last Sunday. Fair City is Ireland's answer to EastEnders, and is the country's leading soap. I'm very proud to have written for both shows as I grew up watching them, wondering if I would ever get the chance to work on them, and now I have! Aw, isn't life nice sometimes.


Sally A said...

Happy St Patrick's day to you Danny! And brilliant brilliant news about Roy.

Ah begorrah.


Tom Murphy said...

Hi Danny - many congratulations on Fair City and the RTS award! (I've been following your invaluable blog for yonks). Is Glenroe not still on these days?

Ah... Tayto crisps. My folks were from Mayo and we used to go over every year (from Lancashire). It was always a big moment on the ferry or the train to Ballyhaunis when we got our first bag (of many) and clocked Mr Tayto.

Have a good day!

Gerry Hayes said...

Congratulations again, Danny. Roy gets a mention here too (if you don't already know):

Danny Stack said...

Cheers everyone! x

Tom: Glenroe is no more, finished in 2001.

Paul said...

I absolutely love St Patricks day. The fact it's my birthday has some bearing on this of course.

Happy St Patricks Day Danny, well done on the Roy joy.

John said...

Well done, Danny! And happy Paddy's Day! I'd actually forgotten. Call myself an Irishman....

John said...

Danny, just wanted to say that I'm home and catching up on Sky+ and Fair City and I just saw your ep! Good work (especially Kylie, the little minx). I'm doing some trial scenes for them in the next month or two so great to see you getting some eps in.

Danny Stack said...

Cheers, John. Good luck with the trial!