Friday, April 30, 2010

Engine Revved

Next week, I'll be in Newcastle attending The Story Engine, a two-day workshop/discussion about the wonders and pitfalls of the screenwriting world. On Day 1, I'll be talking about script reading alongside Ludo Smolski from the Script Factory. I'll also be sharing the stage with Lisa Holdsworth & Gavin Williams (a Red Planet 2nd round finalist) to talk about how there's no guarantees with this writing lark but how to keep your mojo going.

On Day 2, I'll be involved with the short film discussion, and the pros and cons of short film schemes versus independent production. That's a neat way to send me home as I'll go straight from Newcastle to the online edit of Origin, my short film, to finally put it in the can. Here's a sneak peek of the film:

At the time of writing, there are 12 tickets left for The Story Engine, so get on over to the website if you fancy booking yourself in. They've got a great line-up, and Master Arnopp will also be there, moving and shaking with the best of them. For details of last year's Story Engine, check out Jason's run down HERE and his review of Lisa Holdsworth's pitching workshop HERE. Hopefully, I will see you THERE!

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