Monday, April 12, 2010

Screen Lit & More

There's a TV & writing festival happening in Nottingham this month, so if you live in the area or just fancy going along, then it looks like it's well worth a visit. It's called Screen Lit, and all the details you could possibly want to know can be found on their website. There's even a Q&A with my ex-boss, Cheryl Taylor, who is now a BBC Comedy Queen, so you should definitely go along to that one, especially as Cheryl is possibly THE most loveliest of TV execs.

Over on Twitter, you may have seen me mention Butchers, one of the entrants in this year's RTE Storyland web series. It's written & directed by Brendan & Jason Butler, two talented scribes who won the Oscar Moore Prize in 2002 for their comedy script, Ton of Money. Since then, they've been burrowing their way through the system, more recently with their short film Tufty which is quite simply GENIUS. Butchers has been going well so far, with strong performances and snappy direction, so here's episode one to whet your appetite:

Also, the series is edited by my sister Berni, so if you don't watch and vote for Butchers, then that's it, I draw a line: you and me are DONE. So, watch, enjoy and VOTE NOW!

In my news, I'm in the middle of my second episode of Fair City (the Irish soap), which I'm enjoying a great deal. I'm still waiting for the final favour on Origin, my short film, but I'm hoping to pin down a time & date this month, and then it'll be ready to release into the world. In February, I finished writing an all-new one-hour sample script, which has me very excited. M'agent has already sent it out to various peeps so I hope I nab a few meetings at the very least. I can't rest on the satisfaction of finishing a new script, though. I've signed myself up to Script Frenzy to finish a script this month (actually, on Twitter, I said I'd try to finish TWO scripts: a feature and another TV spec) so, um, I better get cracking!

And if you haven't heard: yes, we will be relaunching the Red Planet Prize, this year in conjunction with Kudos Film & TV. Full details, coming soon!

Oh, and here's another one of Sam's Grime City PD comic strips, enjoy! (just click to enlarge)


sam morrison said...

watched, enjoyed, voted! Nice one Brendan and Jason.

Anonymous said...

I voted for We Own The Streets. Only kidding. What the hell's that about anyway?