Wednesday, July 28, 2010

UK Scriptwriters Podcast!

There's a new UK scriptwriters podcast, hosted by, um, me and Tim Clague! We thought it would be fun to do a podcast as there seems to be a considerable lack of podcasts focused on the UK screenwriting scene. It's only 20 mins long so if you have some time to spare, we'd love for you to have a listen and tell us what you think. Basically, should we do another?? If so, would you like it longer, shorter, etc?

You can listen directly above or on the podcast page, or you can subscribe via iTunes, or listen on Tim's blog, and all the usual outlets (see below).

In this first (and possibly only!) episode, we talk about the closing of the UK Film Council, the schemes and opportunities that are still ongoing; Tim reveals his new passion for origami, I do a shameless name drop, plus we review TV's Sherlock and PC game Infamous. So, please, have a listen, and tell us what you think!

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Dan said...

Had some difficulties getting the mp3 via iTunes, so used an alternative direct download to get this. Hope it goes well for you!

And... you're IRISH?? :)

Danny Stack said...

Thanks, Dan. Hopefully will iron out any bugs as we go. Begorrah, begorrah, to be sure, to be sure.

Oli Lewington said...

Hey Danny,

Loved the podcast, really dislike its website. That doesn't matter too much, though, as I've subscribed via iTunes so I don't have to go back on it. Black backgrounds for a website are always harder to read and the choice of colours for the fonts etc make it even harder.

The podcast, though, is ace. I'd love more, but I'd say only do more if

a) you can keep them regular. That doesn't mean 'often' necessarily, but so we know we'll get one at the same time each day, week, month, year etc.

b) you feel you've got enough to talk about to keep it interesting. I can see from your blog that you shouldn't have a problem with this, but you have to be confident of it first.

All in all, though, I'd LOVE some more!


Danny Stack said...

Hi Oli - thanks for the feedback, great stuff! The website is the standard template from podomatic, we'll see if we can change it to something nice. We were thinking of a podcast once a month, but we'll see how we go. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Do more podcasts!

As a young aspiring screenwriter hearing professionals talk about the debates in the industry is great!

I would say to make them a bit longer, maybe 30 mins, if not even more?

JD said...

love that we finally have a UK focused screenwriting podcast. Thanks!
The podcast was fun.
Liked that you discussed the Film Council thing.
The competitions info bit was great, but too skimmed.
That was the most impt stuff for a screenwriter, so pls in the future if u're mentioning such stuff, pls give more details like what the competition is about, entry requirements, link etc.
Would wish for more script related topics like, what's selling at the moment, review of currently sold or produced UK scripts, etc. (more shop-talk). what sites/blogs to read/follow for everything script related. (eg do we have "the tracking board" equivalent sites over here?)
I'd incorporate a useful industry tidbit like; how to join a writing group, or ur personal take on adaptations etc. just some random thing also related to screenwriting.
Interviews with peers would be great.
Obviously, that means definitely keep the length. longer is also good.
Anyways, those were my 2 cents worth of rot.
Thank you for taking the time and effort. n do whatever u feel like. we will definitely download n listen!