Thursday, August 26, 2010

UK Scriptwriters Podcast, Episode 2

** UPDATE **
I've been told that if you download the episode from the podomatic site, it saves it as a 'm4a.mp3' file and it won't play. The solution is to rename the file by taking off the .mp3 from the end, and leaving the .m4a. We're looking into this, as it should be available as a straightforward mp3 file. The best solution is to subscribe/download via iTunes or play direct below (or the main site). I thang-ew.


It's what you've all been waiting for. No, no, not the announcement of the Red Planet Prize second round (small update on the Red Planet website: basically, full script requests will be mid-September). No, I'm talking about the UK scriptwriters podcast, by me and the mighty Tim Clague.

We had a fantastic response to our first foray into the podcast world, which we took as ample encouragement to continue. In this episode, we talk about the upcoming London Screenwriters' Festival, earning a living as a writer, the importance of a script's first ten pages (inspired by Red Planet entries), and there's reviews of The Eight Day and TV's Southland and Breaking Bad. You can listen below, or visit the official podcast page here, subscribe via iTunes, or check out Tim's blog for even more info. As ever, feel free to give us feedback and comments - thanks, hope you enjoy!


sam morrison said...

v entertaining and insightful chaps, thank you!

John said...

Enjoyed the podcast! Only downer was hearing you don't like scripts that open at airports. Upside is I can stop tinkering with my Red Planet entry and can bugger off to the pub. Cheers!

Danny Stack said...

Thanks, Sam!

Hi John - thanks for that. It's not that I dislike scripts that open at airports, or any other reliable intro, it's how it's done specifically that can be the downer.

Unknown said...

Hi Danny (and Tim),
Liking the second podcast - you guys manage to make it sound so natural and thrown together at the last moment ;) I mean that in a good way - it's sounds real and not a script you're reading from.
The comments about over-writing and including background into narrative is a simple but important element to know.
When's the next outing?

Danny Stack said...

Thanks, Andy! Yeah, we don't do any script, just go in and have a chat and a laugh. We're thinking one podcast a month.

manfromthezoo said...

Bloody hell, a 'name check'. I'm honoured.

Thanks for continuing to cover Red Planet, guys - specifically first ten page howlers. As Tim said during the podcast, it's important sometimes to study mistakes as well as the stuff that works, to avoid the same pitfalls. I was worried that my first ten pages were too 'setup', but as the podcast continued I realised I was confident that I had hinged them strongly on moving the story forward. No-one likes a pretentious prologue, right? Unless you're a (very) established writer, I've always imagined that to turn a reader right off.

Then again, what do I know?


DavidKelleher said...

Entertaining and informative. Thanks.

Any chance you could do something on where (and how) to send finished scripts. It feels like outside bbcwritersroom and competitions there is no where left for the unrepresented writer?