Friday, September 24, 2010

UK Scriptwriters Podcast, Episode 3

This month's edition of the UK Scriptwriters podcast (hosted by me and Tim Clague) is now online, with special guest Jack Thorne as he tells us what it was like co-writing This is England '86 with Shane Meadows. (We could only play one half of Jack's clip on the show but you can listen to the full 3 min clip HERE).

We round up the latest UK scriptwriting news and there's more info on the London Screenwriters' Festival. The main discussion is on collaborating with other writers, and the craft section goes into how to create great characters, plus we review This is England '86.

If you have a spare half an hour, do have a listen and tell us what you think: feedback, comment and suggestions always welcome! The previous episodes are also available below, and you can now follow us on Twitter or join the Facebook group. You can also find us on iTunes where you can give us a review or a rating, should you be so inclined!


T.M. Curzon-Manners said...

My favourite podcast so far. I couldn't get beyond 7 minutes or so on Tim's blog for some reason but I went all this way this time and it was definetly worth the effort! (Sounds a bit rude that last bit.)
I agree about the whole lonely writer scenario but would love the opportunity of working with a team too, now that does sound like my kind of fun.
Anyway, well done, onwards and upwards and more power to your elbows young fella me lads!

Must do lunch:-) - Tracey Curzon-Manners

JD said...

insightful as usual. like the fact that you give out info about possible competitions n such. really appreciate ur plugging the LSWF but at the same time, would rather u didnt. just for the simple fact, that for self-paying up n coming scriptwriters, no one can actually say if its worth it n it is too steep a price for an (as yet) iffy gig. prefer the berlinale pitch. that is proven n worth it. (just my 2 cents!)
love the flow of ur convo, but pls could Tim interrupt after a point has been made. felt like at least 1 impt point didnt get finished cos of that.
thot that the podcast felt a bit stretched cos 2 many topics handled but u could only skim thru them. would prefer fewer topics per cast but more depth.
all in all; great. so happy u guys are out there doing this! keep up the good work.
my request/question; any chance of getting ur hands on the UK Blacklist for this n previous years? n of reviewing those scripts that made them onto the list (perhaps compare the script to the finished product, for those already produced) n perhaps interviews with their writers?
keep up the good work!

Danny Stack said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. Very much appreciated!