Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lessons Learned

On my run down of making Origin, someone commented that although I said I had learned a lot, I didn't share this new found wisdom on the blog. I thought it was apparent through the various posts and reportage but to recap, here's wot I learnt abowt the filmmakingz:

A director is only as good as the cast & crew behind him, more notably line-producer, 1st AD & DOP.

As writer/director, you know a lot about the story and the characters, but you don't know everything (e.g listen to what the actors have to say).

Shooting on film is expensive but rewarding, not just for you but for cast & crew, too (actors like the buzz, crew raise their game).

Regardless of cost of shooting on film, a lot of the budget went on things you don't see on screen, like transport, food, equipment, petty cash and insurance.

Your personal life goes out the window. Plus, if you're funding the project out of your own pocket, you experience a whole new stratosphere of stress. Producers, I salute you!

Music and sound are vital. Get experts in both fields.

I loved directing and felt very comfortable doing it. I want to direct again. I should direct again. (Am working on it.)


Unknown said...

Hey Danny

I just finished principle photography for my first short that I wrote, produced and directed and am now editing. My little film was no where close to the scale of yours but I really recognise the lessons that you mentioned

Looking forward to being able to see Origin


Danny Stack said...

Nice one, Mark, thanks!

Magento Theme said...

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