Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Origin at Raindance!

Tomorrow, Thursday 7th October, 4.30pm at Apollo Cinema, in London's glittering West End.

Origin is playing as part of Raindance's 'Absent Sense' programme where there will be 9 other shorts for your viewing pleasure. Full info and details here. If you fancy coming along, you can book tickets here.

Getting into Raindance is a big deal so I'm very excited about the screening. Here's the trailer to whet your appetite (plus there's a sneak preview clip at the bottom of the post!).

I filmed Origin last year but only recently finished post-production due to low-no funds, relying on a lot of favours and professional goodwill. It's truly been an emotional, educational and thrilling experience, and I'm so glad I did it.

If you're unfamiliar with the project, you can read all about making the film in the posts below. I managed to raise £3k towards production thanks to the generous readers of this blog, so big up to those who deserve their Associate Producers, Special Thanks & Thanks credits, also listed below.

ORIGIN Production Diary, Day 1
ORIGIN Production Diary, Day 2
ORIGIN Production Diary, Day 3
ORIGIN Production Diary, Day 4
ORIGIN Cast & Crew


Rosie Jones, Marie O'Regan, Robert Yates, Sam Morrison, Suki Singh, Maura McHugh, David Wigram, Paul White, Paul Campbell, Elinor Perry-Smith, Harriet Barbir, Hilary Wright, Ashley Pharoah, James Moran, Simon Guerrier, Tom Hallett, Dan Turner, Samantha Moore, Eve Gutierrez, Michael Stack, Patricia Stack, Julie Stack-Horgan, Dragana Sliskovic, Fran Clydsdale, Richard Davidson, Jhan French, Kieran Hallahan, Carmel Hallahan, Kieran Spillane, Liana Del Giudice, Margaret Wiseman, Jason Arnopp, John Gradwell, Jeremy Lawson, James Henry, Jonathan Carr, Andrew Smith, Helen Smith, Steve Andrews, Cheryl White, Annabel Freeman, Tim Clague


Judy Potocki, Paul McIntyre, Nick Wilkinson, Gerry Hayes, Lucy Vee, Caroline Ferguson, Elena Fuller, Andy Davie, David Bishop, Lara Greenway, Stephen Gallagher, Ruth Fielding, Simon Winstone, Jacinta Duke, Tanuja Amarasuriya, Roland Moore, Jake Riddell, William Gallagher, Darren Goldsmith, Andy Coughlan, Allen O'Leary, Emilia di Girolamo, Asim Arshad, Berni Stack, Paul Draper, Paul Crilley, Terry Cafolla, Michelle Lipton, Lee Thomson


Robert Thorogood, Damian Trasler, Frank Arnot, Tom Williams, Matthew Gibbs, Chris Wright, Stephen Gomez, Isabel Tang, Michael Williams, David Margolis, Hannah Billingham, Julie Perez, Kieran Crowley, Tom Green, Trevor Percival, Joseph Corr, Jonathan Carr, Evangelia-Theodora Sarli, Alasdair Jarvie, Nicholas Horwood, Kevin Lehane, Martin Semple, Naomi Distill, JJ Keith, Juliette Lepercq, Rodney Clark, Dominic Carver, Stuart McLoughlin, Dan Morrissy, Lisa Barrass, Katy Segrove, Nick Ostler, Griff Phillips, Robin Kelly, Nigel Anderson, Adam W Brown, Gemma Rigg, Elizabeth Holliday, David Melkevik, Padraig Kenny, Matthew Pennell, Emma McKernan, Sally Brockway, Penny Nash, Donna Penny, Antonia Bloom, Dave Herman, Gary Bainbridge

HUGE THANKS TO EVERYONE! See you at Raindance.

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